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    The themes I uploaded are not showing up when I’m looking to pick new themes.

    I believe I have done everything correctly. I downloaded the themes, unzipped them, and placed them in the themes directory.

    From what I read I’m sure its the right directory (/wp-content/themes), although I don’t see the classic and default folders that everyone else mentions (I’m not sure if that matters or not). I made sure the folder names don’t have hyphens or spaces. I made sure that the folder copied to /themes is not the themes folder in another folder.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Try looking in Appearance->Themes. There should be 2 tabs – Manage & Browse.

    I don’t see tabs. All I see are titles. The very top in largest text it says Manage Themes. Underneath it is two sub titles: Current Theme and Browse Themes.

    Yes! You need to use the Browse Themes tab!

    Your WP version number in the right hand footer of every Admin page.

    Strangely, I don’t see any version numbers on any of the pages. I have a feeling what I’m seeing is very different than what you guys see. Is there a way I can know if this was installed improperly or incompletely? It seemed fairly straight forward, so I’m not quite sure what I could have missed.

    What is in the footer of the pages in your Admin area?

    What is in the footer of the pages in your Admin area?

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    That is what it says on the footer. And just to clarify, by admin area you mean the dashboard, right?

    And once again I don’t have tabs for themes.

    OK, to find the version number, click on the “Dashboard” item on the backend of admin.

    The first thing you should see at the top right is a section titled “Right Now” It will list the number of posts, pages, comments, etc…

    At the very bottom of the “Right Now” section, it should say “You are using WordPress x.xx” or whatever version you are using. Do you see that?

    You are correct in believing it is not installed correctly, because you certainly aren’t seeing what you should be seeing.

    My suggestion, regardless of your answer, would be to download the most recent version of WP, unzip it, copy the files over the existing ones, navigate to the site so that it forces the database upgrade, and then check and see if you are able to add themes then.

    Good news! I solved the issue. Thanks again to both of you!

    So the problem was in the installation. When I installed to my sub domain I chose to redirect it to my When I would log in it would always direct me to the So when I wanted to change things up, I only had access. Meaning no theme installation, didn’t see the wordpress version on the footer, and so forth.

    I basically had to reinstall WP fresh without the redirect. Now everything looks like how you’ve been describing it.

    Once again thanks for all the patience and help. Now I know a little more about WP.

    That’s good news. Don’t forget to make the issue as “Resolved”

Viewing 8 replies - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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