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  • I have downloaded this theme

    I have used both the installer in dashboard and FTP method but it simpley will not install or recoginze the theme a all.

    What am I doing wrong? All the themes fom this site do not work. They all have HTML folders, but seem to be missing the php documents that other themes I have instlled have.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Check to make sure you are uploading the proper theme directory. As it’s a paid theme that we don’t have access to we can’t really help. You will probably need to contact the developer. Also check the instructions here:

    Yep, installing to the correct directory. I have a bunch of free themes that work fine, its the premium ones that do not work. They seem to be missing many of the files the free ones have. Did I get scammed?

    Did I get scammed?

    Without being able to see what you have and what you’re doing I can’t say. But if you can’t get help from their knowledgebase and help desk to successfully get it working, then maybe?

    Heres the thing, many of the folder list are titled


    In each folder the only listed sub-folder are

    There are no other files associated with them.
    They do not show up on the theme manger after laoding to The Themes folder in wordpress….

    Are these just not compatible then?

    Did you buy it or just download it from somewhere? Maybe a silly question but are you sure you purchased a WordPress theme, and not just a HTML/CSS theme?

    THAT may very well be the issue. It only says wordblog themes…although I have seen this theme advertised as a wordpress theme else where.
    If it is just an HTML/CSS theme, I am guessing it will take quite a but of knowledge to get it working?

    The link you gave agove says it is a wordpress theme. Their support says “Your theme folder contains files such as index.php, functions.php, *.php” and I would echo that and add style.css as WP needs style.css to recognize a theme in the Dashboard. I would say look for style.css and index.php and functions.php in a folder together.

    Those should end up in FTP at /wp-content/themes/bluewood/style.css for example (assuming the folder they gave you is called bluewood)

    Try to find the functions.php, index.php, and style.css files as it may not be working if you are uploading a whole folder including the HTML/CSS template and a PSD (Photoshop) file when you only need to upload the WordPress theme.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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