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    I’ve installed WordPress and it’s up and running fine. I saw a theme that I liked from

    I’ve downloaded it, and I know how to upload, but is WordPress going to recognize it right away? I mean shouldn’t I have to install it somehow into the WordPress core of my site? I can’t find any literature on this which is crazy frustrating. No simples steps on how to install a 3rd party theme for WordPress. Why? Someone please help, I’m sure the answer is simple, I just dont know what it is.

    Thank You,


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  • NEVERMIND, found the “upload” button in the “installing themes” area on WordPress – still, would have been nice if there was some kind of easily accesible literature on installing your own theme. If you know where it is, then it’s common sense on how to do it, but if you dont know, then it’s pull-you-hair-out frustrating.

    Unzip the theme files and upload them to WP-content > themes.
    Then go to your wordpress dashboard > appearance > themes and select/activate the theme.

    Alternatively go to dashboard > appearance > themes and click on the Install themes tab, search for the theme you want and auto install it.



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    would have been nice if there was some kind of easily accesible literature on installing your own theme.

    Rather like:

    The first 2 results when you search the Codex for “themes”.

    Thanks all. I looked through the Codex, I’m just not used to navigating through it. It was a bust anyway, I uploaded it, activated the theme and WordPress says the theme is broken. It’s just not my day.



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    Try choosing a theme from – especially one that has been updated since July 2010.

    Thanks emsi, much appreciated. Do you (or anyone else) know of a good theme to use for a small online store. This part of the web design process is the most frustrating to me, setting up shopping carts and such. I’m trying to use the WordPress plugin dukapress shopping cart.


    But that doesn’t seem to be working well. I’m using it with this theme that I found on WordPress:

    Producer by

    Does anyone know of a better theme for a store or a better shopping plugin to use?

    Much Thanks.



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    I help to support the eShop ecommerce plugin and I’ve developed a theme to work with it – if that helps.

    Thanks again emsi, I will switch to them both and give them a try.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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