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  • Hey,

    I’m working on a website and I want a specific layout. It’s as simple as can be, but I need help implementing it as a theme.

    First, my webpage will consist of a few pages: HOME, FAQ, CONTACT, (etc.).

    The FAQ and CONTACT page will probably just be html and I’ll set them up myself, but on the HOME page I want a list of all the wordpress posts to date, like so:

    POST 5 (links to post 5)
    (august 20, 2006)

    POST 4 (links to post 4)
    (august 19, 2006)

    POST 3 (links to post 3)
    (august 18, 2006)


    That is, the HOME page will list all posts as links to those posts, and will have the date under them. Honestly, this is exactly like maddox’s page: (haha, I couldn’t find a better example).

    No sidebars.

    Individual post pages will be like they are on most wordpress blogs–comments and everything.


    What’s the best way to go about doing this?

    My current understanding of themes tells me that I should do the following (tell me if any of these steps are wrong):

    -have index.php, comments.php, comments-popup.php, footer.php, header.php, and single.php.

    -index.php will simply have <?php get_archives(‘postbypost’, ”, ‘custom’, ‘
    ‘, the_time(‘F jS, Y’), show_post_count); ?> (or something like that… this exact code doesn’t work for me, actually. How do I fix it?)

    -through the wordpress admin section of my website, I will set the blog address URI to (instead of something like The wordpress URI can be something like Doing this will make sure that when people type in they are taken to the HOME page where the list of all posts can be found.

    -single.php will be used to display single posts. I’ll probably just use the single.php found in the default wordpress theme.

    -I can handle the CSS and whatnot.

    That’s all, thanks. 🙂

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  • Are you designing the theme for personal use or to release to the public? If you’re releasing it, you have to be *extra* picky about the code.

    WordPress Theme Guide

    That’s the best guide to creating-your-own-theme, in my humble opinion. The WordPress Codex is great, but I think of it as a reference more than a tutorial.

    If you’re releasing it, you have to be *extra* picky about the code.

    You do? Could have fooled me with some that I’ve seen. *cough* *cough* 🙂

    It’s for personal use.

    I’ve seen the urbangiraffe tutorial before, but I only read through part 1. For some reason I didn’t notice parts 2-4. So thanks for the link; I’ll go through it and see if it answers my question. 🙂

    hey, Dr Mike … some of us *do* try…


    Hmm, a couple things…

    First, in my original post I said that I would set the blog address to www . website . com / (see original post)

    I tried this on my current website and it doesn’t work. I just get the root directory listing in my broswer 🙁 I guess wordpress doesn’t like when I do this.

    Second, I still can’t get the get_archives function to work like I want it (to see how I want it to work, check the original post). I think I want,

    <?php get_archives(‘postbypost’, ”, ‘custom’, ‘
    ‘, ‘
    ‘.’the time it was posted’, TRUE); ?>

    but I don’t know what function will give the time it was posted. the_time(‘F jS, Y’) will just display the time for ONE post, not all of them.

    I know, I’m probalby being noobie 😀

    1. You also need to move all your files from to as stated here:

    2. First off, try using the wp_get_archives() tag instead. It’s just a lot easier to use because you don’t have to worry about commas. And the wp_get_archives() tag (and get_archives()) behaves similarly to the ‘loop’, so it will display the date for every post.


    You do? Could have fooled me with some that I’ve seen. *cough* *cough* 🙂

    <div class="so_much_for_humility">
    Haha, good thing I’ve never downloaded a theme.

    iconoclast, thanks for the link, that will resolve issue #1.

    However, I can’t get issue #2 figured out.

    Again, I want my home page to look like:

    POST 5 (links to post 5)
    (august 20, 2006)

    POST 4 (links to post 4)
    (august 19, 2006)

    POST 3 (links to post 3)
    (august 18, 2006)


    The following code,

    <?php get_archives('postbypost', '', 'custom', '<br >', '<br >'.the_time('F jS, Y').'<br >', 1); ?>


    August 20, 2006
    POST 5 (links to post 5)

    POST 4 (links to post 4)

    POST 3 (links to post 3)


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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