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  • Hello,

    I need to build a site that has a business side and a residential side. The business is also located in 2 states. 1 state has 5 location, the other state has one location.

    state 1
    business/residential location1
    business/residential location2
    business/residential location3
    business/residential location4
    State 2
    business/residential location1

    Use the blog function for news

    There are common pages like about and contact. And there are some common pages between business/residential by location.

    How would you design this site? Multisite? Then it would be 10 sites??? (holy smokes!)
    Use a single install and add region specific links in the sidebar?
    It would be nice if I could have some hierarchy of the pages without making a blank page with the state name? Maybe I should be thinking post rather than page?

    I appreciate any input VERY much!

    My brain is so fried right now I can’t think! (I have probably been thinking about this far too long and have made it stupidly difficult)

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  • It depends.

    What’s my base URL?

    Not sure what you are asking?

    Base for the site? I’m thinking the general/main business with the common pages. (about contact etc)

    I was also thinking about adding a menu for just the home page, set up the “main” business on those links and let visitors click in to bus or residential. Then use only 2 installs. One for main/residential and one for business.


    (I am open to suggestions!)

    Base URL:


    Base URL:

    Basically, where’s WP going to be installed? 🙂


    Okay that helps 😀 You want to think about things logically, and easily. Shorter URLs are usually better for people to remember, and they’re going to shorthand things (like we have, and we call it make/support )

    So I would do this:

    Per State:

    Per Location:

    HOWEVER. I would also have everything that is 100% the same no matter where you are, so the corporate about page, etc:

    Now my states would be Multisite, for sure. I’d probably want slightly different themes per state, at the least different headers. I may want to have different alerts.

    Locations…. how much information needs to be on each page? If a location is a one-pager, then I’d use Custom Post Types, make one called ‘location’ and have a page for each one 🙂

    Hmmmmm LOL If I do multisite like that (its where I was heading before too) I’d have 11 sites in the network by the time it was all finished. (main corporate)
    Ok.. so if I go this route, if I am on the and I click the about link (on the corp. site) How do I keep them in the right area? (on the state/location they were on before clicking contact)

    Each location will have about 4 pages. BUT where can I go for a tut on custom post types? I’ve read, but seem to be missing a piece of info mentally and can’t “sort it”. I’m thinking there might be something useful there! (they just decided not to build out the business side and have bus. clients call for info… custom post type opportunity?!)

    Well your options are CPTs or each state is a sub-network, using a MultiNetwork plugin

    Custom Post Types aren’t that complex.

    Basically you’re already using them today 🙂 A post is a post-type, and a page is a differnet post-type.

    Yep… back in the “missing something” territory LOL What’s the difference between using multi site and creating new sites and using a multi network plugin? (have a multinetwork plugin you can point me toward?)

    CPT – can they be used with pages? Need a plugin?

    Last question a little off topic. I have multi site set up with a few sites. Just switched to twenty twelve (cuz the paid theme I was using is a broken piece of junk…)I added some post categories, added a post and the url is I was expecting to see

    What is “blog” about? I do not have a cat named blog! Why did it put blog in the url? (that a 2012 thing? ARGH!)

    Thank you Mika, I appreciate your help

    Nevermind to “blog” url question… It is right this morning

    What’s the difference between using multi site and creating new sites and using a multi network plugin? (have a multinetwork plugin you can point me toward?)

    Multisite: One network, multiple sites.

    MultiNetwork: Multiple networks, multiple sites.

    CPT – can they be used with pages? Need a plugin?

    Read again.


    They’re ‘like’ pages. It’s defining another post TYPE (see how that goes?).

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