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  • (I hate php)

    I am utterly php stupid.

    I uploaded a template for my blog at I deleted the cut and past code for another theme off of the files page and activated the template that I uploaded, and all I get is a blank, uncoded screen. I am about to scream!!! Why can’t this be easy?!?!?!?

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  • That should be “I uploded a theme, and deleted the cut and paste template. Sorry…

    Every theme (not template!) should be uploaded under wp-content/themes/ in its own directory, e.g. if the theme name is My Theme, it should be

    I uploaded it. It is in wp-content/themes/spirit. I still can’t see it. I activated it and everything. *sighs*

    Now I can’t even access the thing to fix any of it.

    Okay. I can see and access the blog again, but the only thing coming up is the template (Accidentally Kahki). I have uploaded, and activated the theme that I want to use (Spirit), but the template still shows up on the site. How do I fix it so that the theme shows and not the template?

    I don’t understand what you mean when you say the template still shows up. What template? Are you confusing themes and templates? I assume you want to use the Spirit theme, but instead it is showing the Accidentally Khaki theme? Does it show if perhaps the Spirit theme is broken?

    The first thing I did was find the Accidentally Kahki, and I found it here: I fill in the information and then copy and pasted the code to the files seciton of the blog.

    Then I went looking and found the spirit theme. I uploaded it, to the file above, and went to the presentation section of the admin and activated it.

    The problem is that the Kahki theme is still showing, and I don’t know how to get the other one to show up.

    All of the files for each separate theme must reside inside their own folder. So you need to have two separate folders, 1 each for Accidentally Khaki and Spirit.

    You simply upload the theme folders to the wp-content/themes/folder on your web server, then go to Presentation and activate the one you want to use.

    I think part of the problem could be that that template making page is not making themes for WP 1.5. It is making a template for WP .72! It’s just not going to be right, I don’t think.


    How do I upload something that is cut and paste? (Kahki) I don’t know how you would do that.

    How do I delete the template off of the files page without messing myself up in the process?

    I have no idea where or what you are cutting and pasting. Theme folders are uploaded to your wp-content/themes folder on your web host. You are then able IF your files are writeable, to edit files within wp – but that’s a fairly difficult way of doing a whole theme.

    You aren’t still using wp 1.2 are you? If so, then that’s part of the confusion.

    TC, log in to your blog admin, and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the first page, and tell us what version # it says you have.

    If you are using a version 1.5.something, then you should go to Presentation tab, and activate a different theme, such as the Classic or Default. Hopefully that will give you your blog back and then from there we can help you get a new theme uploaded.

    I did that, and I still only get what you see on the main page. *sighs*

    The version is 1.5 something. I am about to scream here. *sighs*

    Nevermind… I get it through westhost. All I did was go to the control panel of my site, unstalled, and re-installed the application.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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