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  • I need some help.

    I need to be able to post material under a category which however is not published on the main page but is only accessible when a visitor clicks on the category link and eventually he would select the post he would like.

    Is this possible?


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  • You can do that by adding an exclude parameter to the WP tag that invokes the categories.

    Let’s say that the ID number for the category you don’t want to show on the home page is 20. You’d modify the wp_list_categories tag so that it reads:

    <?php wp_list_categories(‘orderby=name&exclude=20’); ?>

    For more info on how to modify wp_list_categories, go here:

    Hope it helps!

    I think I have been misunderstood or I misunderstood the reply. What I want is not to hide the category on the main page, but that its articles are not shown on the main page itself. They should be accssible only when a visitors clicks the category and is taken to a page with a list of articles in it.

    Thanks for the hope nonetheless, hope you can tell me how to do what I would want to do. Thanks. Muchas gracias senor.


    I think it does this by default. Unless you go out of your way to show all the content of the category, the category should just show the title.

    Normally, it’s some other things going on in your home page file that makes some articles pop up. But I think that the categories themselves just show up as categories.

    What I want to do is being able to post an article under a particular category without the article being shown on the homepage itself. I need to be able to determine which articles are shown on the homepage through putting them under specific categories or by excluding specific categories.

    Hi Edrico,

    Here’s a plug-in that excludes posts of a certain category from the home page:

    I haven’t used the plug-in, but I came across it today trying to do something else. For a list of other plug-ins that you may find useful, go here:


    Thanks Carlos!

    Very helpful, I will attempt to apply it immediately and hopefully it should work!

    Muchas gracias!

    Thanks to Spiewgels as well.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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