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  • Hi everyone. I’ve spent way too much time searching the help forums for an answer to my question, and I’m coming up with nothing, or I’m finding posts from years past. I’m just going to post now and hopefully someone can answer me simply, because I’m brand new to WP.

    I want to use my tagline for my site. It looks nice and I like it. BUT, I don’t want that tagline to be a meta description for the search engines. I am using All in One SEO plugin and I want that to handle the description.

    When I look at my source code, there are two descriptions – one which is generated by WP and the other by AIO plugin. Google is picking up the WP generated tagline, or the four-word tagline of my site. How/ what do I edit so that the tagline is just a visual element on my site, minus the meta description in my html code?

    Say you had a site about puppies and your tagline was:

    “Puppies are awesome.” But then you use AIO plugin to make the description “This site is about creating healthy living conditions for adopted puppies, created by veterinarian JJ Smith.” Obviously, you don’t Google to display your site as “Puppies are awesome,” over the proper description.

    Thanks. I’m frustrated but I am hopeful that there’s a link to a quickfix. Again, I would like the tagline words to appear on the site as a kind of slogan.

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  • the code for the tag line will be in the theme’s header.php
    if you can’t figure it out, post the code at and come back here with link

    This appears to still be unresolved. I’m having the exact same issue with several of my wordpress sites. I use AIO seo and for some reason google is using my blog’s tagline or text from the actual page as a description instead. The AIO seo description is listed in the source code, but so is the wp description(tagline) and that is the one that google is using. It also appears that I don’t have this issue with bing and yahoo. Everything seems to be setup right. Not only that, but this is a newer problem. Not sure when it started, but I know it’s recent. Wonder if it has to do with the recent wp update? Any other ideas on this? A google search for “sony playstation 4” shows my site a few down on page 1 – The description shown there is my tagline, not the one from AIO seo.

    This doesn’t appear to be an AIO seo pack issue solely. I checked another site of mine running platinum seo and it is doing the exact same thing as the others. It seems to be, from what I can tell, an issue between google and wordpress. I’m worried about the effects(though maybe small) this will have on the website’s seo. Google does put some weight on a site’s meta description, especially when keyword density comes in to play.



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    wordpress per se does not add any meta description tags.

    your site seems to have double meta description tags:

    one a few lines from the top – possibly coming from your theme:
    <meta name="description" content="Sony PlayStation 4, PS4 Rumors. The latest PS4 news" />

    and one quite a bit lower down – possibly from your seo plugin:
    <meta name="description" content="Discover Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) news and rumors with user contribution and commentary as well as older Sony Playstation generations (PS2 & PS3). Are you ready for the Sony PS4?" />

    Ya, that’s exactly what’s happening. The first line you showed from the source code is the tagline I’m using in wordpress. The second part is from AIO. If I remove the tagline, it uses text from the page itself. I don’t understand why google is using this and ignoring AIO seo pack and platinum seo as well, especially since bing and yahoo iare not doing this.
    *scratching head*



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    i say there are TWO meta descriptions – and the search engine takes the first one (i personally would do the same 😉

    have you checked header.php of your theme for any build-in code?

    i just downloaded the paecekeeper theme:

    remove the following line from header.php:

    <meta name="description" content="<?php bloginfo('description') ?>" />

    similar issues probably with your other sites.

    always assume that ‘wordpress’ is not doing anything by itself – it is usually either programmed by the theme or messed up by a plugin 😉

    That was exactly the problem. I saw that code in there when I removed the meta generator tag earlier today, but didn’t realize I could remove it without repercussions. Thanks a bunch for the help.

    andy^3, Just so you know I started seeing the same thing after I upgraded my old 2.x WP blog to 3.1. I disabled all plugins and it made no difference. I had duplicate entries for keywords and desc. I deleted the ones from my header.php that were directly under the meta generator tag.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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