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  • Try placing:
    <?php update_option('siteurl',''; ?>
    in your theme’s functions.php.

    Thanks. But how to do I get to my theme’s functions.php when i can’t access the admin page?

    you should be able to access functions.php from your hosts ftp server. Download this and edit as alkafy suggests.

    Okay, it looks like I can access functions.php from Bluehost and FileZilla.

    But in functions.php I don’t see any text relating to the siteURL.

    I was expecting to see something like ‘’;

    and I could just remove the “test” part. But I don’t see this.

    Or where do I place this text?
    <?php update_option(‘siteurl’,’’; ?>

    (I’m using the atahualpa theme, maybe this helps)

    Thanks for all for your help!! I am so torn up rightnow 🙁

    Ipstenu, do you know where the wp-config.php file is located? Is it under the theme folder or somewhere else? thanks.

    I GOT IT!!

    (never mind about the wp-config.php file)

    I just put it in Functions.php like Alkafy and Ipstenu said.

    Thanks SO MUCH… i can breath easy now.

    wp-config is (for later reference) in your ‘root’ wordpress directory.

    You know /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/themename/functions.php right?

    So go backwards to /public_html/wordpress/ and there’s your wp-config.php file 🙂

    Adjust as needed by your server setup.

    Thank you guys. I had the same problem with my site at where I changed both WordPress address (URL) Blog address (URL). Now I know to just change the Blog address URL since I’m having to forward it with masking.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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