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  • laurabruenphoto



    I can’t add users, delete posts, create categories, remove categories, anything!

    I have tried EVERYTHING from attempting to replace code in the pluggable.php file (as per several posts when I searched the “You do not have permission to do that” error message.

    See posts here. I think I’ve done this all correctly, but then I upload the edited file (which I edited in dreamweaver) and I can’t even login…sooo…I’m assuming I don’t know how to work with patches.

    Would appreciate ANY help I can get.

    I’m running 2.2 with a manji theme. I have disabled most plugins (as this worked before, even when I have had my plugin’s working) and I’ve been working on customizing my theme manually, but I haven’t really messed with any coding that would screw up “the loop”, although I don’t think it’s associated with that at all based on what I have researched here.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • garryconn


    I don’t know what the problem is but if you found a solution by uploading a replacement file, I wouldn’t open it in dreamweaver… Using an FTP program such as Filezilla, log into your domain name thru FTP, first make a back up copy of the file you feel is bad (just in case it’s not bad) and upload the replacement file. Don’t open that file in Dreamweaver, FrontPage etc…

    If the file has to be edited, use a text editor to make the changes such as TextPad.

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