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[Resolved] How to change the Page Navigation from the Top Left?

  • How to change the Page Navigation from the Top Left Corner?

    I would really like to display the pages navigation under the heading and horizontally just like a normal theme. How do i do this? Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Try adding:

    #menu li {display:inline;}

    to the bottom of your theme’s stylesheet.

    Hi Esmi

    I added that line and it changed the display slighty. its still not under the heading and lying horizontally. you can have a look: Any other Suggestions?

    Thanks Stef

    #menu {float:left}
    #menu li {display:inline;margin:0 15px 0 0}

    Just need a float… 🙂

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for both your help 🙂 I finally managed to do it after many attempts and combining what you both had to say-i also noticed a common problem that was keeping it all vertical. This is what i did.

    I added the coding you both provided at the bottom of my css. Still didnt work 100% so i went to look at the css section for the header. I noticed that it was displayed a s a block and i changed the following.

    /* =header */
    #header {margin:50px 0;text-transform:normal;width:600px;clear:none;float:left;}
    #header a:hover{text-decoration:none;color:#888;}
    #header h1 a{font-size:1.8em;font-weight:100;letter-spacing:-0.05em;position:relative;}
    #header #blog-description {color:#888;}
    #access {display:table;height:40px;vertical-align:middle;width20;float:left;}
    #access #menu {vertical-align:middle;display:table-cell;font-size:0.8em;}
    #access #menu ul {vertical-align:middle;display:block}
    #access #menu ul li ul {margin-left:10px;}
    #access #menu a{font-weight:800;}

    And that was it 🙂

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

    Hello Stef,

    I tried applying these changes to “header” in CSS, and all is horizontally aligned, but it’s still in the top right corner. Do you mind if I ask how you fixed that? 🙂

    Thank you!

    creativemonarchy, i had the same problem. Damn top right corner, and i found the solution! It shows that when you are looking for the way out, you always find it.. i’m absolutely loser on this CSS stuff, but stefos idea helped me a lot. I’d say he missed one mistake..

    use this code instead:

    /* =header */
    #header {margin:50px 0;text-transform:normal;width:600px;clear:none;float:left;}
    #header a:hover{text-decoration:none;color:#888;}
    #header h1 a{font-size:1.8em;font-weight:100;letter-spacing:-0.05em;position:relative;}
    #header h1 a{font-weight:100;letter-spacing:-0.05em;position:relative;}
    #header #blog-description {color:#888;}
    #access {display:table;height:40px;vertical-align:left;width:600px;float:left;}
    #access #menu {vertical-align:middle;display:table-cell;font-size:1em;}
    #access #menu ul {vertical-align:middle;display:block}
    #access #menu ul li ul {margin-left:10px;}
    #access #menu a{font-weight:800;}

    Thanks, stefo!

    hey guys,
    is there a way to remove sub-pages to display as navigation on the top header?

    hm damn bigREDVJ’s correction of the code still doesn’t work for me 🙁

    has anyone experienced the same problem and found a solution?

    I would like to know, if any of you know, where can I edit my page lists for the menu?

    Some pages I do not need to be listed and would like to have removed.

    I know that we can do that by using:
    <?php wp_list_pages('exclude=89' ); ?>

    Being 89 the page ID I want to exclude, and that on my header.php page but it doesnt work with AutoFocus Template.

    Any ideas on how to exclude pages from the top menu?




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    find the code in functions.php line 462 😉

    Thank alchymyth,

    I changed line 462 as you said and I was able to remove the page from the list however a word “Pages” is shown on top of all my list (menu) now and that is, not only ugly, but unnecessary.
    ——–from line 460—–

    function sandbox_globalnav() {
        echo '<div id="menu"><ul><li class="page_item"></li>';
        $menu = wp_list_pages('exclude=130','title_li=&sort_column=menu_order&echo=0'); // Params for the page list in header.php
        echo str_replace(array("\r", "\n", "\t"), '', $menu);
      echo '<li class="page_item"><a href="'. get_bloginfo_rss('rss2_url') .'"></a></li></ul></div>';

    ——-to line 465——–
    How do I remove the word “Pages” from the top of my menu?
    it only shows when I include the (Exclude=xxx) clause.

    Also, at the code there is a comment stating that we should pass the pararms from the header.php. Do you or anybody here knows how to do that since my menu is being formed via sandbox like that:
    <?php sandbox_globalnav() ?>

    Any help will be appreciated,




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    this should work:

    $menu = wp_list_pages('exclude=130&title_li=&sort_column=menu_order&echo=0'); // Params for the page list in header.php

    you need to use the special way to link the parameter – with the ampersand &

    Hi alchymyth,

    Thanks a lot, that did the trick

    using the & to link the parameter I was able to remove the word “Pages” from my menu.

    Thanks again,


    I’ve noticed my code for the nav to be horizontal only works in firefox and safari but not explorer…anyone else having this problem?

    /* =header */
    #header {margin:10px 0;text-transform:normal;width:600px;clear:none;float:left;}
    #header a:hover{text-decoration:none;color:#888;}
    #header h1 a{font-size:1.8em;font-weight:100;letter-spacing:-0.05em;position:relative;}
    #header #blog-description {color:#888;}
    #access {display:table;height:40px;horizontal-align:middle;width20;float:left;}
    #access #menu {horizontal-align:middle;display:table-cell;font-size:0.8em;}
    #access #menu li {display:inline;margin:0 15px 0 0}
    #access #menu ul li ul {margin-left:10px;}
    #access #menu a{font-weight:800;}

    Wow, thanks for all the information in this post. I got the menu to be horizontally. Much better now. But how can I adjust it so there is less space between my picture/text in the header (Belevingsboek Dementie) and the menu? (http://www.belevingsboek-dementie.nl)

    I’m pretty new to editing themes, it’s interesting and learning a lot through this forum.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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