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  • ThisIsKatie


    Hi there,
    I am building a photo-rich blog.

    Does anyone know of a template that enables you to post your entire series of photos in your blog entry on the opening page of your blog and cascade the entries one after the other?

    Plenty of Colour:

    This is Colossal:

    ie. when you go to the blog main URL, you see the first entry and the multiple images posted for that entry right there on the page. You don’t see just one single “featured image” and then need to click on the post to see all of the other images on the post page. e.g. on let’s say there are 20 recent posts, and each post has 5 images – you see all of the images (20×5 = 100 images directly on without having to click the post).

    I need a template that allows this but also allows for me to have a menu of “departments” at the top or in a side bar (again, similar to Plenty of Colour and This Is Colossal.

    I have been trying for MONTHS to find an extremely simple template that will allow me to do this.

    Any themes that allow for this please let me know!
    Or if is a matter of plug-ins please advise as you will have saved me from an endless, frustrating search!

    Many thanks.

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