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  • Hi,

    About a year ago I threw together the website here:

    I built it with the intention of having a bunch of regular pages, a normal “blog” front page and then a “newsfeed” page what was created by aggregating rss feeds from all the composer’s personal websites and listing them in the category “news” which would appear in the news page (through a template?). I would then exclude the “news” category from the front page’s display. That’s how it worked in theory. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten how to do all that (I’m a musician who tries not to spend his time coding!!)

    In a recent update, I had to reinstall most of the files on the website, which led to both the front page blog and the news page showing up blank. Please note that the sidebar “newsfeed” still shows a list of posts (on everything but the front page! How do I get both the blog and the page back up and running again (or figure out how to).

    Side note:
    I also deleted some the the visual nastiness of “comments are turned off” or the giant “comments” box in the theme I was using (coraline), by removing code related to comments in various files (that I found safe to remove and achieved the results I wanted). The site isn’t meant for interaction in that way.

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  • Krishna



    The site shows 500 Internal Server Error. It is probably disabled by your host. Did you contact them?

    It’s working fine for me, even in incognito mode, so it’s not cached.

    So I’m looking at the code of the site, and the query removing only a certain category seems to be in the right place, and written properly, but I can’t figure out why nothing is showing on either the News page or the Front Page:

    <?php if(is_front_page()) query_posts($query_string . '&cat=-12'); //ADD - Only display our news?>

    Is anyone else getting the 500 error?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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