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  • I have 6 wordpresses I have paid hundreds of dollars to have simple templates made for. After paying the webdesigner up-front and listening to dozens of excuses as to why she never had the time to work on them. I have had to try and do it myself. This is months later and I can’t make heads or tails out of any of this. I need help!I want to put headers in, add background, font color, and have three columns on each page. My health is being heavily affected by all of this yet I have to continue to try, so I can pay the doctors lol

    How in gods name do you get this thing set up. I have hosting with godaddy. I am somewhat familiar with html NOT CSS or PHP. Tonight I read 7 sites all of them start out telling you how basic their manual is going to be and then they say something stupid like first load wordpress onto your computer. OK! Where? I usually edit everything in DreamWever but it does not seem to read anything I try to put of wordpresses in it. So where do I work on it at?

    I just read 14 lessons on one site, and it looks like he is telling Me to create the pages all over again. Again, where? In what program? Why?
    He also tells Me to load xampp on My computer and open the pages in notepad. I have exampp on My computer I know nothing about it or apache it runs a phone monitoring system for 6 business phone lines running through My computer. There is NO WAY I want to screw up My business by playing around with the phone monitor, just so I can chase My tail with wordpress for a few more months.

    I have no clue what version of wordpress I am running. Though I do know they have updated the versions since I uploaded them on My Godaddy hosting account. I don’t even know how to get back here to see what the answer to this post is. So please contact Me at If you would like to help Me get this set up with a template.

    Thank you

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