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  • I need help to remove the standard WordPress Search Widget. It shows up on the top right of my website above the title bar. It is not in the sidebar nor widgets section. I can’t find it anywhere and do not know how to remove it. It seems hard coded into the site. I’m using a ThemeForest theme called Phoenix.

    Please help me to remove this WordPress Search Widget.

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  • You might try temporarily applying a more standard theme and removing the search widget there. (This would verify that the problem is with your Phoenix theme).

    It sounds like the theme files in your Phoenix theme might be messed up a bit. Given that a WordPress page is made of several files, if one messes up the validity of the HTML, fragmentation can occur, especially if divs are not closed properly between header, footer and page sources.

    You can try to run your page through the Validator at: If you see errors, then you know something is wrong with those theme files.

    You might also try re-downloading the theme, or just use another that allows you to remove the search widget.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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