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  • Hey guys –

    I’m new to wordpress (haven’t really designed a site since straight HTML days), and am wanting to design a site really for my study notes (though these should be of help to others).

    The basic outline of the site is here:

    Essentially as in the menu there are a number of areas I want to write about e.g Shoulder/Knee etc, and within each are many topics that I need to learn (I work as a doctor type) – which i’d like to have posts about/be able to search etc. I want it to look really minimal so the site shows up like reading off paper (on ipad), including getting rid of the sidebar at some stage.

    My question is this – what is the best way to arrange my categories/posts so that they all dynamically show up and link into the menus?

    For example – I would want a category of Upper limb – with sub categories of Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist/hand. And in the shoulder sub category – I would want to say post about dislocations, fractures, anatomy etc etc. Currently i’ve just made static pages which have the same headings.

    While I know how to create the categories/add posts – how do I get them to display in a dynamic fashion when I add/update new posts? And can I directly link the category archives to the main header menu so that I can get to those lists straight away? It seems pretty easy to do with sidebar widgets, but i’d like to have it all in one window

    i’m sorry if that is a bit rambly – I have tried to look through the documentation, however I don’t really know where to start – thank you for any help!

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  • It’s rambly, but categories can have sub-categories which is what you want. Using the catogories functions ( of search for a theme that supports this ) you can list for instance your main cat’s to your menu and the subcat’s somewhere else after you click on one of the main ones.

    If you then post something about dislocations in the shoulder you just link to sub-categories and it automatically comes up when you link the main category as well.

    ( as an example, this site of mine – does this. Feeds is used in both sidebars and front page ( if category is ‘front’ as well ) and ‘dichtbij’ ( local publication ) is a subcategory of ‘feeds’, so post is linked via the subcat structure to both . Hope this makes it more clear )

    excellent thanks – thats what i figured

    i’ll have to have a read of the categories function i think and work out the coding!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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