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  • I clicked the download button to download what I assume is the building software. It downloaded and I moved it from my download folder to my desktop. I attempt to open and it gives me a huge file list. I chose the one that was title readme. The instructions given were to open the file titled wp-admin/install.php

    for starters, I looked at every single file and there is not a file with this title. Second, I clicked on a random one, and it gave me nothing but words on a notepad type window.

    It says open the package in an empty directory and upload everything. Empty directory? I don’t even know what that is.

    I just want to be able to build a decent blog. I am so sick of substandard software from other companies. Is this too much to ask? At this point, I’m about ready to forget I even own a computer. Can someone either tell me what to do or point me to a company with easy to use/understand software where I can build a site easily without the hassle of poor customer service and super limited themes and abilities?

    On a side note, that stupid purple blob where my avatar is supposed to be was placed there by the system. That has got to be to dumbest thing I have ever seen, and I wish it wasn’t there.

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  • Hi dollyrockfarm

    Firstly, apologies for the purple blob, the forum assigns you a random avatar unless you register an avatar at If you wish to change it, you can do so

    What you have downloaded is the WordPress blogging software that is designed to run on a web server, not on a home PC. In order to install it, you will need to have a domain name (ie. and web hosting with web hosting service provider.

    If you don’t have a domain and web hosting service, and you don’t wish to go to the hassle of purchasing these and then going through the installation process, you can use the WordPress hosted service at which is a free service.

    If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


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