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  • Fist off, sorry! for the long post.

    I’m seeking your expert advise on the undernoted problems with my blog viz.

    1. About one and half month back, I had received an email from DreamHost (my blog hosting provider), asking me to either take my site eleswhere or move to VPS from the shared plan, becasue my blog is generating server load.

    After discussing the matter with a senior executive, who assured me that once I move to VPS, things will improve. I applied for 300 MHz VPS as discussed. Even after that, the site is non-functional, because each HTTP request takes 3-4 minutes to respond and dies with “500 internal, 404, error establishing database connection” etc. errors

    After moving to VPS, without actually knowing the causes of server load, I’ve tried to reduce load alongwith DreamHost support by removing plugins, js etc., but the load is still continues.

    Finally, after considering all the issues, they’ve advise me to get my blog hosted at some other place and assured me to refund balance amount.

    But till date, despite my various communiques, they’re not responding for the last 8 days.

    In the circumstances, I need your guidence on the following points:

    1. My domain was registered by DreamHost as per their web hosting package. Therefore I wanted to know, whether I can transfer my “domain” to some other hosting company. Although, I’ve no dispute with them regarding hosting or payment of dues.

    2. May I request, you to advise me the name of some web hosting company / hosting paln, for satisfactory services, based on the following stats:

    MySQL Database: 45MB
    No of Posts: 22,000
    Web Traffic: 3-6K daily

    An early response will be highly appreciated.


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  • I think your bigger problem is the bandwidth issue. Did bandwidth consumption spike overnight or was it always like this? Seems like this just started happening and that’s why DH asked you to go somewhere else. I think if you SOLVE the bandwidth issue (plugin run amok?), you won’t have a problem being hosted anywhere you want.

    There are some threads here about excessive bandwidth, caused by something in the database and other causes. I had such an experience, but it was my own fault and once I corrected it, things were back to normal.

    Thanks for your reply, it’s the CPU/Memory issue. After monitoring VPS graph, I’ve found that it was one or twice a day, the huge spike comes and shoot up CPU/Memory consumption.

    Now, for the last ten plus days, I’m receiving huge trackback/pingback spams, which has worsened the situtaion a lot.

    I’m truly not aware, what’s causing spikes in CPU/Memory. I’ve tried everything to bring down the load.

    suggest in the immedaite term, until you get some satisfatory answers to your questions, that you remove xmlrpc.php from your server (keep a copy locally), and set comments to registered users only.

    at that point turn off akismet and other antispam plugins (keep any plugins you have which may add captcha support to your user registration page).

    note any changes that might become apparent within the first few hours of you doing that.

    I’m not inclined to suggest any hosting provider for you based on your current issues, because none of them will be very happy with that. Your best bet is to start ringing (or emailing) around.

    is your blog profitable? could you stand to eat into those profits by about $150 a month? if so, you can avoid ever having to deal with the terms “reasonable usage” and “shared” ever again…. but I would suggest trying to resolve your extreme delays first… perhaps by finding the root cause.

    Thanks for your reply. In addition to trackback/pingback spaming, I’m also facing problems with my database, as it generates long queries. The datbase is quite big.

    Can you advise me:

    1. How do I optimize databse for & see what queries are generated & causing server load?
    I’ve tried Otto’s following code, but it simply print the function as is in the theme footer.php

    define('SAVEQUERIES', true);
    Put this in your theme's footer.php:
    <?php if ( current_user_can('manage_options') ) {
    echo "<!--\n";
    echo "\n-->";
    } ?>

    2. What’re the possible ways to find db malfunctioning?

    To reduce databse size /optimize, I’ve removed all tags, removed category display under posts.

    Still wp_postmeta & termtaxonomy are fatier in addition to wp_posts.




    does your current host use a slow guery log, and if so, will they give you access to it?

    Whoo, I’ll ask them about the “slow query log”. Meanwhile I’ve tried above noted “queries code” and have been able to find the queries running on “index.php” & “single.php”.

    I’ve uploaded queries on pastebin of follwoing URIs, may I request to advise me “how do I optimize these queires?”

    Index.php query URI:
    Single.php query URI:

    Other than above mentioned queries, I’m using following WordPress functions to generate “random post” “recent post” & “previous posts”. If under noted funtions are causing slow queries, may I request for optimized code to achieve same result.

    1. Recent Post: get_archives('postbypost')
    2. Previous Post: <?php $posts = get_posts('numberposts=5&offset=8'); foreach($posts as $post) : setup_postdata($post); ?>
    3. Random Post: <?php global $wp_query; $posts = get_posts($query); foreach($posts as $post) : setup_postdata($post); ?>

    An early response will be highly appreciated.


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