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  • I am new to WP, and had already created a HTML layout of what I wanted with some JS, and rollover images. I understand that WP runs in PHP. What I want to know is how I take that PHP code into my HTML style and make it all work. Do I copy and paste? Unfortunately I am a total newbie at PHP and am kind of lost. Any help or links to pages which explain how to customize WP would be great!

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    You might want to start with a PHP introduction and tutorial or two:
    PHP commands are embedded HTML files. The .php extension simply tells your webserver to pass the file through the PHP preprocessor to execute the embedded commands before delivering the output to the visitor.
    So what you should do is edit the index.php file included with WordPress and insert your specific layout. You’ll also want to edit the wp-layout.css stylesheet (which may obviate many of the edits of index.php).

    a local installation of PHP/MySQL/Apache would help a lot.
    The basic work required is to copy some tags from the index file to where u wnat in the html format u made. but u wont be able to see the result withoit a local server…
    open index.php… study it for sometime and then see if you can go ahead. i did it this way!

    So copy and paste the desired PHP tags into the html file and it should work fine? Do I need to save the html file as a PHP instead? Is there any thing that is required in the HEAD of the page from the PHP page? This dosen’t seem to hard.

    You might find it easy to go the reverse route. Use index.php. Then edit the xhtml to taste if you must. But if you are as new as you seem there are plenty of other issues for you to be dealing with. Index.php works just fine anyway. Why alter it?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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