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  • I have MOST of an extension to the LJ User Tag hack that will support <lj-cut> tags.
    The problem is that the post mechanism is mangling my tags and leaving me with <lj -cut> and the </lj-cut> is turning in </lj>
    I need to figure out why/how this is happening so that I can stop it so that I can let my little parser take over….

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  • should be one of the many filters doing their work. By the way, I think LL’s LJ-autoupdate hack, which you also worked on, converts the WP more tag to the LJ lj-cut tag, but I am not too sure though.

    The question is WHICH one of them it is.
    I have been trying to replicate the problem outside of WordPress, but so far can’t figure it out.
    I just checked and the auto-update hack (which I hacked a bit) doesn’t currently convert to lj cut tags.
    Also, I noticed that the more tag seems to only be allowed once.
    So, unlike LJ you can’t do something like
    Hidden Movie Spoiler
    I love tacos man!
    Hidden Movie Spoiler 2
    Of course I might be doing it wrong as I am new to WordPress.
    I could always do a hack to just convert the more tags. The only issue here is that you may only be able to have one “cut” in WP

    I am sorry if I bugged you in trying to help you 🙂
    Here’s another possible solution…why not try doing the lj-cut tag processing before doing any other processing on the data that is entered through the post interface, so that you get the info regarding the lj-cuts before anything happens to what the user typed in?

    Oh you didn’t bug me at all…..sorry if it came across that way 🙂
    Anyway, I tried to hack my way around the issue by using no standard braces like [] {} and so forth.
    This let’s the data get to the DB safely, but then of course I get beaten over the head on the display side and my tags get swallowed up there … DOH!
    The basic problem is that I don’t have a firm understanding of the route my data takes from post form to display. Which is a real bummer since I have the code to parse the tags correctly. I actually would really like to find a way to protect the html style tags because the silly post mechanism is also mangling the user tag as well….

    Let’s continue this over in the other thread, so we don’t have duplicate conversations simultaneously. 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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