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  • Greetings and please accept advance apologies for the ignorant newbie questions

    I have never gotten around to blogging, mostly due to tired eyes from work. I’m now an early retiree; My wife and I are expatriating to S.E. Asia in 2015; I want my blog to mostly be about expat daily living but also include categories about past trips, how one can retire early and the long 18 month wait from the time I was laid off until the time we can leave the USA (in 2015 due to age restrictions for the visa)

    I’ve read dozens of tutorials but am still confused; I’m looking to start the blog ahead of the move but don’t want to “start posts from scratch” with no content other than an about page. Therefore I’m looking to populate one or two categories with sub-categories and posts with content that relate to past experiences, and populate a second category with posts that relate to events leading up to the move next year, thus some of the topics have already happened and the rest would be weekly posts going forward. I’d then begin posting mostly daily posts in a third category once we actually move. Here are my questions:

    1) To set up the blog with content in one specific category that relates to the past, would I create all pages and no posts? Is it retarded to have numerous pages in one category rather than mostly posts when you start out?

    2) Is a post always dated on the blog with the current day? I’ve been keeping MS Word documents with my text content for date specific posts that relate to events this year. How can I format it so the category about this year’s events appears to be date specific according to the time it happened? I’d want to continue with occasional posts until we depart and then change to a new category with daily posts. Basically, I’d want the entire blog to appear relatively chronological but include a bunch of content from events that have already happened and and some static pages with musings.

    Thank you in advance for help and suggestions

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  • You seem to be confused with the differences between pages and posts. A page is not time based and do not cycle through your blog’s main page. A post is an entry that is displayed perhaps on the main blog page.

    When you make a new post, the date will be automatically set for that day you created the post, but the date can be changed to any date in the past.

    As for categories, you can create categories easily and then on the specific post when edited in the backend you can choose which category it should appear under.

    Thank you;
    Please explain how I change the date in a post; I think that is really what I meant to ask

    You can go to the backend (assuming you are logged in as an administrator) by going to Posts -> Add New (or Posts -> All Posts if you want to look at all the posts you have already made). Now, if you are adding a new post, you will see box titled “Publish on the right of the screen in which you will see something like “Published on: Aug 5, 2014 @ 19:03” then click on “Edit”. This is where you can edit the time and date for that post. This process is the same for any posts that you have already created.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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