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  • I just installed WordPress as a replacement for MovableType and so far I’m liking it – with one problem

    I want to create a post, embed a thumbnail (or several) into the post and link the thumbnail to a page that opens the full image.
    I’ve tried uploading several images and I do see the images in my medial library.
    I can’t seem to figure out how to make them appear in a post – and I don’t seem to be able to create thumbnails – all size options are greyed out except the Full Size option.

    I am using the default theme at the moment.
    Anyone care to help a complete rookie?


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  • Ok… Let’s start with your Settings. on the left hand sidebar in The Administration Panels – click on “Settings” -> “Media”. This section allows you to control what size WordPress will make your “smaller” images when you upload them. NOTE: WordPress will not create these auxiliary images if the original image that you upload is smaller than any of these sizes.

    In the default settings, you will see that the “Large size” is set to 1024. Unless you upload an image larger than this, you will never have a “Large size” image.

    Once you have your settings set the way you want you can create a new post – to upload the images, click on the little rectangle to the right of the words “Upload/Insert” – this is located directly under the title of your post.

    This will bring up a “thickbox” dialog with three tabs along the top, the first tab will give you a button to select files from your computer to upload. do this and when all are uploaded, click on the “Gallery” tab. Here you will be able to click on “show” for any image and there are many options to send an individual image to the post box on the “Edit Post” screen. You also have the option to send all images to the post box using the gallery shortcode.

    Hope this gives you some kinda insight into this!

    I found that GB was not enabled in my PHP.INI file. Once I enabled it, things worked fairly well. There is a program for Movable Type called Better File uploader that some day, I may try porting to WordPress (with the author’s approval, of course)

    In the IT field, we refer to this kind of a problem as a “PEBCAK” – Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard!

    Enjoy your day and again, thanks!



    “PEBCAK” – Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard!

    Never heard this before…. funny stuff!

    Glad everything is working for you!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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