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  • I’m working on my first wordpress theme from the ground up and I have a few problems.

    At the moment My site is

    To see my HTML code look at:

    and the CSS is:

    1. The page is not centered, how do I center it?
    2. The footer is off to the right and off the page in IE, in FF the entire page is aligned to the right but all on the page.
    3. In FF the image behind the post title repeats and the start of it can be seen again after it ends, not an issue in IE.

    Can someone please look at my code and help me out with this.

    I think most of my issues are coming from when I got the footer to stick to the bottom, I didn’t actually do this I had help so I don’t know exactly what they did.

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  • I just had a quick glance at it, but you did not set a margin-right: auto; on your #outer which, at least on my Firefox, seems to be the only problem.

    I did not see the backgroundimage repeat problem, but to get it to not repeat itself, just add a no-repeat to the background

    I don’t see the background problem either, and I concur with Nebelmond that the missing margin-left: auto might be responsible for your page misalignment.

    I think your footer problem might be related to “position: absolute” in the css for your footer div.

    If I were coding this the first thing I’d do is add the left margin to the #outer div and remove the absolute positioning for the footer and see where that got me…. You might also want to put the outer div around all of the content (including your table and banner divs)

    Centering content:

    Firefox –

    You need to specify the left and right margins of the BODY as “auto” (at least, this works when you have a specified WIDTH defined for the BODY):

    body {
    margin: 0px auto;
    width: (anything less than 100%)

    IE (6.x) –

    Specify text-align CENTER for the BODY *should* work.

    body {

    You can combine the two, and the effect should be the same in both Firefox and IE.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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