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  • I guess I have reached a point where I am in desperate need of some help. I have a personal crusade to build a website that well list all of Iowa’s Historical Marker, Monuments, Sites and Events so that future generations has a resource to go to to learn more about their home state of Iowa. One of my problems is that I am not a program and know very little about coding of any kind.

    I have tried about every Business Directory Listing software out there, including Geo Theme, Geo Place, Vantage and Lising PLace just to name a few. In fact I spent a ton of money on purchasing these themes in order to discover they where to restrictive and did not do what I had hoped for. I’ve spent hours looking at Timeline, Travel and Travel Guide retaliated themes with even less luck.

    What am I looking for
    1. It should be a responsive theme
    2. When a visitor comes to the site they need to be able to search the town or area they well be traveling to and get results for that area
    3. Needs a picture gallery of some type.
    4. Must be able to include videos
    5. A map plugin that allows multiple pins and shading of areas
    6. Visitors need to be able to down load markers as a GPX file
    7. I like the bolder look – clear, crisp and easy to read
    8. MOST IMPORTANT I would love to be able to setup two or more templates that I can use to keep consistency in the site and make sure all info is completed for each type of category
    9. Backgrounds for each post should be a picture related tot he post
    10 I want visitors to be able to input their own historical spot

    I know I have other thoughts of what I want but these the main items. The search for a theme has me wore out and I want to get started in entering some of the 2,000 plus
    sites I have on a spreadsheet.

    Any Help, Suggestions, ideas, etc wold be great. Thank you in Advance.


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  • Hi Bob.
    You have quite a specific list of requirements, some that are unique to the site you want to build and some that are common to all, so no theme will cater to all of these.

    If you can’t live without some of these features, then the only options open to you are, either edit some of the themes you have bought by learning to code or hire somebody to do this for you. You can post a job here, and the maybe hire somebody.

    Thanks Martin for getting back with me so quickly. Yes, I know I have one heck of a list but I realize that would be a “DreamTheme”. Perhaps I can break this done so it is more reasonable.

    I Have a Plugin to Do This
    1) Search by Town or State
    2) Video
    3. GPX Download

    A Recommendation for a good plugin would be nice
    1. Picture Gallery
    2. Slide Show
    3. A easy way to design template for post. I really only need two or three but would be nice.

    I guess what it comes down to is I’m looking for a theme that is fleixible perhaps wysisyg. Something that is blod an modern. I’ve look at thousands of themes but you can’t always know how a theme is going to react. Hopefully someone has a theme that has handeld most of their requirements and has a proven track record.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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