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  • Hi,

    can anyone reccomend a theme that fits the following requirement “out of the box”, without having to adapt the code?

    We want our blog to have one Sidebar and one Main Column. But the blog posts in the main column should be displayed in full width or 50% width. We want to switch between full width and half width articles for all blog posts.

    I have found that PressWork allows full/half width posts but it happens automatically: new posts or featured posts are full width, older posts are half width – I have no real control to assign a format.

    I am fairly new to this – do you usually have to make a lot of programming adjustments to themes? There are so many themes already available, I would assume that “everything” has been done before by someone!

    Thank you!

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  • Many themes have shortcodes to split the post content, assuming that is what you are after.

    You could add shortcodes to a theme, but reading the topic you are looking for an out the box theme.

    You could Google for a shortcode plugin that will enable you to keep the existing theme, and you would likely find a free one here on WordPress Extend Plugins.

    You may not find a plugin or free theme that will have what you want as the free themes are often basic or tempters for premium themes with more functions, so you might have to look for a premium theme, these range for around $40, I do know that elegent themes have shortcodes.



    @digital Raindrops:
    Thank you! I will have a look at elegent themes. I don’t mind paying for a premuim theme if that saves me the hassle of finding a programmer.


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