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  • Please do not send me to the plugin search page. Believe me, I have installed, tested, and deleted so many plugins….I have spent three days on this at least!

    I need a slider plugin that displays work with these criteria…

    1. White background or option to change the container/background.
    2. Adjusts the size with an auto width. Many do height, but not width.
    3. Title and description from media applied to the slide (instead of me retyping)
    4. Title and description colors and background editable.

    The problem is that the work of this artist is most often portrait and I need the slideshow to not crop the image in order to fit it.

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  • I’ve had good success using It is not really a WYSIWYG solution but it is simple enough and flexible enough for a wide range of use cases.

    As to your criteria – and why I think this plugin might work for you:

    1) You can set the slide background via CSS – the plugin provides a way to do this directly through it’s settings interface or you can do it with the built-in WordPress CSS editor.
    2) You can configure slideshows to use aspect ratios instead of fixed pixel dimensions making your slideshows very flexible (changes size based on actual slide image size) and responsive (slideshow adjusts to browser width).
    3) The plugin can pull this data in automatically (if the image has these attributes already set when uploaded previously into WordPress) or you can manually set them when adding slides to your slideshow.
    4) Again this can be set via CSS through the plugin’s settings or through WordPress custom CSS editor functionality.

    Anyway I hope this helps and good luck finding the right solution for your needs!

    Thanks. I uploaded this one and tested it out. But I can’t seem to get it to do what I need as far as side. It isn’t adapting to the image sizes. I must have something not set correctly for what I need. Right now the images seem squashed vertically.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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