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  • I’m having trouble sorting out all these themes – I sure wish I could sort by multiple tags! Here’s what I need:

    • MUST be valid HTML, XHTML, CSS and code.
    • Must be customizable as heck graphically – we’re making our own graphics.
    • Must be clean and professional-looking.
    • Needs to support widgets.
    • Would like variable width. (Unless there’s some reason why nobody uses it that isn’t obvious to this old pre-CSS designer… but if I could do it in tables, why not in CSS?)
    • Free.

    We want to get this blog set up for a Web programmer who needs to get some resumes sent out right away, before we starve – and the resumes need to point to a shiny new blog instead of the old busted one so he looks more hire-worthy.

    Do some coders out there have favorite themes for their job blogs? Any suggestions? Theme code that won’t be an embarrassment to a resume? We don’t have time for him to write his own right now.

    Help greatly appreciated – this is a lousy time to be suddenly out of a job!

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  • Well, I can’t help you that much with the adjustable width bit, but when I’m going for a custom look, I like Blass or NoCSS (Which actually has quite a bit of css, don’t let it fool you). Both have little markup, and the CSS that is there is fairly straightforward, so its easy to customize it as you like.

    I’d be curious to see what other people out there are using though. Simple templates are so terribly helpful 🙂


    Oh, and if you’re that web developer sending out resumes, try looking around in Utah. I see recruiting ads left and right, and all up and down the freeway on billboards for that matter. Pay is slightly less here than other states, but the developers are definitely in demand.

    Good luck.


    lol good advice supernovia I’m a freelancer considering moving to a full time gig. BTW if you already know css & html you might as well design a theme from scratch trust me it will save you time in the long run plus its a good learning experience. This is the best tutorial

    Thanks Mdgrech. I thought about building my own from scratch, but wasn’t really sure where to start. That link will be helpful! Right now I’m at a point with my current projects where it would be silly for me to start over, but next time, I’m there 🙂


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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