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  • I’m using the menu widget that comes with WP 3.1. Everything else seems fine but, for some reason, I can’t save changes to the menu. It was working fine when I found an error in a custom link used as a menu item (it was “http://http//” instead of “”). I corrected the error but when I tried to save it, I got the following error message:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/atheistexile/ on line 82

    I retried many times, over the next few days, but always got the same result.

    Finally, I removed the menu item but when I tried to save it I got the following message:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/atheistexile/ on line 585

    Does anybody know what causes this problem (and how to fix it)?

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  • jack randall


    i’ve just started getting a similar thing from the menu feature. not sure what it is, spoke to my host and they said that it has to do with php calls exceeding the set limit on the server.

    what’s weird is that it throws the error but if i go up to the address bar and remove the last part of the URL so that it’ll take me back to the dashboard the menu has actually saved and made the changes…

    very odd.

    Hi theotherlebowski,

    Yeah, I think your ISP might be right, especially if you’re using the same theme I am (Arras theme). Thinking that my menu had gotten too big to handle with a basic hosting account, I divided the menu into two: one half going to the Top menu and the other going to the Main menu. This stopped the problem. However, I’m leery of making either menu much larger or add many more submenus.

    I am having the same error. Anybody found a solution?

    jack randall


    it’s not something you can fix settings wise, you’ll just have to trim your menu down and rejig your content architecture. i changed themes and rearranged a bunch of content and so far it hasn’t happened since…

    Thank you for the reply. My menu has over 100 items. My hoster advised to extend the execution time via .htaccess to 60 seconds. Unfortunately to no avail. I can’t even remove items from the present menu. It seems to be frozen. I am afraid I will have to go ahead splitting the menu.
    This will be a bunch of work since the page listing overview on the left side of the nav menu backend is not too comfortable with such a number of pages … thanks anyway (always good to know you’re not alone ;))



    Having the same problem here too. I have over 160 menu items. Some of them are just placeholders to let the user get to the child menu items, and alot of the menu items are custom posts. Would that have any impact on the menu?

    The issue for me has only started happening in the past week as my client started adding loads more menu items so all I can put it down to is too many menu items. I’ve tried the default theme and disabling all plugins with no luck. I’m going to keep investigating but if anyone has any ideas that would be great.

    jack randall


    try putting the menu items in different menus or better yet if you can, put the menu items into a sidebar widget or two. there’s only a certain amount of memory on any server allowed for php calls and other bits of behind the scenes stuff and too many items in the menu will exceed the amount of memory.



    thanks @theotherlebowski

    I hear you with splitting up the menu, no doubt that will help, it’s just a shame that I have to. I’m not 100% on how the menu system is saved within the db but is you think about the way that pages are stored and organised with partent/child pages it’s not too much different from how the menu system works (except for the awesome drag n drop or course) and there isn’t a limit on how many pages you can have.

    Whining aside, another solution as you mentioned will have to be implemented. Considering the quantity of the menu items on the particular site I’m working with, I’m thinking of having separate menus that are dedicated to handling each of the sub menus.




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    Thanks esmi, will take it from there



    The solution is to increase memory in PHP.INI . . . if your host allows it. I was on a free shared account, so I bit the bullet and went with BlueHost’s BluPro upgraded account (more expensive). The site is a whole lot faster and when I ran out of memory for my menu, all I had to do was edit PHP.INI and increase the memory from 64MB to 96MB. There are no restrictions, as far as I know, on how much I assign. My menu is way bigger than ever now and, if I run out of memory again, all I have to do is re-edit PHP.INI.

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