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  • i know this should be simple, but i’ve tried multiple suggestions and none have quite worked.

    here’s the scenario:

    client has homepage set as a static page
    we have a blog page set
    on that blog page we want to exclude posts from category 5
    then via the wp menu, we’ve got a link to category 5 to display
    those posts

    i was using
    <?php query_posts($query_string . ‘&cat=-5’); ?>
    but then, over the weekend it just “stopped” working.

    i haven’t done any upgrades, nor changed anything else…
    tho i can’t say for sure that my client didn’t TRY to make it do something – he installed some sticky post plugin and set a post from category 5 as sticky so then it showed up on the blog page where it wasn’t supposed to… and now i can’t get it back to the configuration we want…


    any insight into where i might have lost the plot would be awesome.

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