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  • So I just bought my first domain through Bluehost and I go to WordPress to create my blog and I get two error messages and I don’t understand what they mean. So basically I’m on the installation page and the first error message says “Oops! Directory exists! Are you sure you want to override its contents?” the other one says “Directory exists! I understand that continuing will overwrite files” with a check mark box next to it wanting me to check it to make sure I understand! But I don’t! What does this mean?

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  • did you check if already have directory where you want to install wordpress.

    No, I don’t even know what a directory is?

    Or how to even check if I have a directory. I thought you just bought a domain and then went to WordPress to create a blog. I have no idea what a directory is or what it does. I’m wondering if I’m Ok to overwrite the files….whatever that means! Ugh! So much to learn!

    You mean you bought domain name and host account at Bluehost.

    How are trying install wordpress manually or does blue host have a install program I am not familiar with Bluehost ask host support for help.

    Yes, and Bluehost has an install button. I tried to find a contact # but I guess they help those who purchased upgrades and they directed me here.

    So basically I was at the install page of WordPress and i filled out what I needed to and hit continue and thats when it said that directory already exists and I would overwrite files if I ccontinued. What is a directory anyway and how does it already exist?

    What name put in directory box

    Same name as my domain but I didn’t run all the words together, I kept them spaced apart. I’m assuming you are talking about that space where you type in the name of your blog under the advanced options???

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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