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  • Try resetting the background image in your site.

    Esmi, The error continues

    (My english is bad, sorry.)

    Contact your web host in this matter, they may help.

    Right now, your site is not loading at all. Have you spoken to your hosts about this?

    A screenshot is no good. We need access to the site.

    What do you see? Here is working.

    Not much content because the blog is recent

    Start off by checking to see that the original hosting files were not left in your public html folder on your server when you installed WP, kind of looks like its getting something from an hostgator index.html file that may have been originally left in the public html folder before you did the wordpress install. If you look in there and see any index,html. take that out and see if it still appears up there. Normally wordpress only uses a index.php not html. so that would be where i start looking for the problem, then ask hostgator if that dont work.

    Nothing. I cannot connect to the site at all.

    I can get here just fine, when I scroll down the page I see your site up under the 404 stuff which is why I think there is an index.html showing on top of your index.php, lol. ftp up to your server with filezilla or a similar ftp program and see if you see a index.html in your public_html folder, if there is – then copy it to your desktop and then delete it from the server, the copy is for just in case, next clear your browser cache and history and try again. If you see your site up there then that was the problem.

    Bye the way, it looks like this is inside your body tag, look in your header.php and see if you see this piece of code, if so, remove it and all should be well. Look just under this tag <body id=”top” class=”home blog”> and see if you see this. this is the offending code.

    <div id="imagem">
    <img width="669" height="221" border="0" usemap="#Map" src="">
    <map id="Map" name="Map">
    <area alt="Site HostGator" target="_blank" href="" coords="173,126,513,220" shape="rect">

    Just a note, if your body tag is the end of your header.php then it may be on the index.php or it may be in a page template somewhere. Not sure how it could have gotten there but that is what it looks like from my end.


    I opened the file public_html/ and appears the error of home. What do I do? I have to edit it? It has no code inside

    (Google Tradutor)

    hmmm, I would need to ftp to your server to know for sure, something sounds funny. And that hostgator code is coming from the header, the index.html or something. I dont think that they allow the exchange of ftp info here so you may be better off asking hostgator.


    They do not know about it


    Its working.

    The Hostgator repaired CODE.

    Thank you very much!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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