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  • Hello all. I just installed this theme and i have having some issues with it . Here are my issues and i hope someone can help me out:

    1. How do i add more stuff to the menu at the top? I only have “Home” and “About” right now but i have at least 5 other things to add to it. I found a file in my root directory but as i am not a coder, i was unsure what to copy and paste in there that would make more menu options show up.

    2. The forum title is on the upper left within that picture on top. I have been trying to find the place to switch it to the right. Anyone know where i should look?

    3. Is there a way to remove all the credits at the bottom of the page or do i have to leave those there?

    4. Is there some type of plugin i can add so that when i post articles, at the very top, i get 3 left justified small boxes where the following information can be added:

    Submitted by

    5. How do a put a search box at the top of the right menu?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • You don’t want much do you!!

    Pages across the top are simple. That is just listing your WordPress pages. Therefore write some pages and they will appear.

    As the rest I suggest some research, some googling and some trial and error. Most of the files you will need to edit are in the wp-content/themes/lost folder.

    Good luck.

    ^^ You really are not much help buddy. I suggest you read carefully next time before answering questions. Making pages “appear” is not a problem i have. Adding to the top menu is what i asked help for. As for the other things, i have looked and read and tried but without success. I understand you run a site where charging people for help with themes is your thing. No problem with that but please let those that want to offer free advice help me. Not all of us are coding/wordpress experts…

    ^^ You really are not much help buddy. I suggest you read carefully next time before answering questions.

    Good luck finding help now. All of the information you are asking for is available in the WP documentation if you would take the trouble to read it. As far as adding “stuff” to the top menu goes, it is for pages, not stuff. If you have added pages correctly, they should appear.


    It sounds like you don’t want my help (which was free by the way as all my help is on this forum – check my profile for amount of help I have provided), as I have given you one solution which Chrisber as also agreed with me on.

    You need to start reading the codex section of this site in order to find out how to fix your problems. This forum is not here to get help on things that are already covered in the codex.

    No problem with that but please let those that want to offer free advice help me. Not all of us are coding/wordpress experts...

    Why am I stopping people helping you?

    ^^ Understand that not all of us are coders or very technically inclined. I read and messed with wordpress for 2 days before asking for help. I have done most everything else except i could not understand how to do the 5 things i asked about even after several trials. I did the pages thing and i have now semi mastered that. The only thing left is that despite reading and several trials, i cant seem to get the pages to go to the correct URL. For example, all the permalinks formed seem to be “”. However, even after hitting “edit”, i cant seem to change it to something like “”. Is there a way of doing this?

    A link to your site would help.

    ^^I actually dont have a site to link to right now. I am running everything offline.

    Guys, i still need some help. With codex readings and trial and error, i have made progress but i am still stuck. From my #1 point in my first post, i now know how to add things to the top menu via pages. However, i cant figure out how to make it so that when you click on those things in the menu, it takes you to a URL like “”. The only option i seem to have right now is “……”. From my #2 point, i figured out how to move the forum title. From my #3 point, i have read up on this and will take care of it. From my #4 point, i found a plugin called “Morefields”. I have set it up but i cant get it to work. The fields do not show up in my posts. I believe i have to insert some code into a file on the backend but i am unsure how to do this even after reading the help files. From my #5 point, i have also read up on this and will be attempting it soon. Thanks.

    The nav links in your header will only link a page within your WP site. If you want to link to an external site, you will need to create a page and use a redirect to the external site.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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