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  • Hey frnds,

    I own and run a technology related website called .
    I have spent weeks customizing my website and have made consistent CSS changes. But I still feel that my website is not very professional.

    I don’t want to change the theme, but want to make my existing one better.

    Plz pour your ideas to help me out. I am willing to take any suggestions.

    Thank you .

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  • At first glance, the site is really messy. It looks like you tried to cram every imaginable piece of information onto one page. Your top navigation and the sidebar ‘categories’ are redundant. There is too much stuff in the sidebar(s).

    IMHO, professional means neat and simple. Because you have two sidebars next to each other, the main body where you have articles is too narrow.

    So, I think you should simplify and streamline the sidebars. Use one instead of two to make the sidebar narrower and make the main body larger. Use better navigation to take the visitor to other pages rather than trying to put everything on one page.

    Good luck,



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    Definitely a case of information overload!

    thank you roostertail for those valuable insights on my website will definitely try implementing the ideas you suggested.

    Thank u for your time 🙂

    Thanks for that comment esmi.

    Turning down the “brain noise” knob about 90% would be most beneficial.

    MBravura can you plz be more detailed. Thank you.

    i think there are to much colored “sections” e.a. the combination of adds and social links on the right side.

    also , maybe it is because i am in europe but it takes a decent amount to load. normally i would probbaly already have stopped in out of annoiance. Are u using a caching plugin like wp super cache ?

    Hey john83,
    Thanks for that piece of advice. M using Wp Total Cache plugin.

    Way to Much information the landing page should be clean sleek and proffesional looking try a slider that might help.



    Definetely, information overload. Try to keep things simple, and focus on the content. As said above, you have some redundancies: navigation both on top and on the sidebar (I would eliminate the sidebar one), Facebook connect is also repeated, you have a “most recent posts” widget on a page where you can already see your most recents posts, etc.

    Try to simplify your home page, have only one level in the sidebar, with the most important information, and make your post area wider. Try to give your content some space to breathe.

    good luck!

    thank you jakesyl and popper 🙂

    thank you everyone for your time and help.

    As others have said there is to much information. Also I would:

    Add more whitespace between sections and more padding for text and headlines
    Make headlines smaller
    Make the text in on the frontpage not justified but ragged right, justification makes the text unpleasent to the eye imo, to much space between words.

    Just my five cents

    Way too congested. Nice amount of content though, just too much to take in on a homepage.

    thank you devotee and sparkes for your advice 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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