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  • I have two wordpresses sharing the same database. My application data is also in the same database for hosting reasons. Neither instance is the multi-site version of wp.

    One of the instance is the front end co info, store, etc… I call it my main site.

    The other is an application.

    Each has a different table prefix in wp-config.

    Everything works perfectly in the main site.

    I get to the application by clicking a link on the main site. When I enter the application, I do some set up which entails getting rows from my tables shared by both instances.

    The problem comes when I try to insert a row into one of those shared tables. IT JUST DOESN’T INSERT!

    I have added echo’s into wp-db.php so I can trace the processing. I can see where the query is executed. I can see that no error is returned. Nothing looks out of the ordinary BUT when I use phpmyadmin to look at the table, the rows that should have been inserted are NOT there.

    BTW: I have xammp on my local laptop and the code works perfectly and the rows are added as they should.

    My host uses mysql 5.0 and php 5.2.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions. This is driving me nutz. The application has been down for 3 days.


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  • ALSO I just made some modifications in another part of the application. They should have not affected this set up code. (Likely story! been there, done that with clients). The set up code has been in place for a year and only now decided to fail. Like I said, I can trace the code on the isp, via echoes, and it looks pefectly fine.

    ANY suggestions are greatly appreciated! Is there a way of using a debugger on an ISP without xdebug?

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