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  • Hello guys,

    I would like to customize the twenty twelve theme and I need some help. Here is an image of what I want to have it look like:

    Now, in the main content section, I want to have a featured content slider (which I can use a plugin for), and also some custom widgets on the home page underneath – basically something like on (which runs WordPress).
    On certain pages, I want a sidebar as normal. I can obviously use Widget logic, or something similar.

    Please help me as this is the first attempt at making a custom theme.

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  • what is the link to your site?
    what have you achieved so far?
    what is the specific problem right now?

    please start by creating a child theme for the customisations;

    ACHIEVEMENT: Just the background colour
    PROBLEM: I need help customizing the navigation bar and making the desired widgets and page templates. I have read “Creating a custom page template” in the WordPress codex and did not help

    Try removing the user/password block on on your site.

    customizing the navigation bar and making the desired widgets and page templates.

    if you don’t need the theme to be adaptive to different browser widths, using Twenty Ten might be easier, as it is nearly like your initial posted design sketch.

    – the navigation (not the menu formatting) can be customized using the custom menu under dashboard – apperance – menus ( )

    – formatting is not the strong point of this forum – possibly try a css forum like

    – widget can be dragged under dashboard – appearance – widgets; if your wanted widget is not within the default widgets, search the plugins

    – for page templates, you need to define quite clearly what you want the template to do; a new template often starts with a copy of page.php of the theme, with the necessary code added at the top, and with the functionality programmed into it;

    – the Codex has a lot of resources; from to instructions for nearly every available function.
    you will need to work through these instructions.

    knowing html and css and the basics of php is a prerequisite for customizing WordPress themes; and these basics are not taught or supported in depth by this forum..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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