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  • I’ve been creating html sites for about 2 years now. OK with CSS. I have created two WP sites using the Weaver theme, but these are fairly basic.

    I would like to create this site in WP:

    All secondary pages will be similar. The home page will have the rotating banner.

    The thing I’m struggling with most is how to have pull-down menus at the top and then when going to the page that the menu item links to having that menu appear on the left hand side.

    I’m not very proficient with WP but willing to put in the hours to learn if someone can point me to a theme / framework / other material.

    Thanks for any help people can offer.


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  • Hi mRoy62,

    I would suggest you to start with a very basic and easy to use theme framework. I had been using TwentyTen as my framework for developing new theme. Recently I found that there is a new theme framework available that works just like charm.

    Meet rtPanel. This is a theme framework that would definitely help you in grasping the theme code flow. There is less documentation for this framework present at the moment, but this would eventually increase with the contribution. There are a lot of sites that are powered on rtPanel and this is growing exponentially. Have a look here for some of these sites.

    Also, the rtPanel people have forums and other support sources so that you can contact them and get your queries resolved.

    Please do let me know how this turns out for you 🙂


    I think you make a good point about starting with a basic theme framework. However, you seem to be overly promoting rtPanel. Do you work for them?

    The REAL question is will rtPanel be able to produce

    I always over promote all the things that I love. I love WordPress and promote it to all of my colleagues and friends 😉

    You can always go for some other framework which is comfortable for you too.

    About your concern if rtPanel be able to produce; Definitely yes. You can even customize TwentyEleven like this. You just need to know your WP loops and CSS well. The Codex will be a huge help for this. If you face any issue, you can always come here at the Forums 🙂

    Thanks, illuminatus7. I feel like I’m swimming in an ocean of information and am struggling to know where to start.

    Yes mRoy62, I understand this. WordPress is a widely used CMS and hence there are a lot of information flowing around.

    I had referred to Chris Coyier’s Digging into WordPress and it turned out very nice. He has demonstrated all the major aspects of theme development quite nicely in his book.

    If required, I would be glad to help you with the development so that you can get a hang of theme development.
    My e-mail address is

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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