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Help converting upper to lower case URLs

  • Help. I’ve converted a client site from static content to using WP. So far they love it. But there is one catch. On the old site there were URLs like:


    On the new site in WP there are Pages not actually directories on the site. These Pages have a lowercase page slug as in ‘cm’, lword’ and ‘fr’.

    Question is how can I link the uppercase URL to the lowercase page? Is there some mod_rewrite rules I can add? Also if I add this to my local .htacces will it be over written by WP.

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  • You may try to use the Redirectify plugin from this site:
    (if I understood correctly your intention)

    Sure I’ll try anything. Though I was hoping for something that does not depend on the user selecting something when creating a post. Thanks.

    By the way. If anyone sees this post please reply. I don’t want to close this issue just yet.

    something that does not depend on the user selecting something when creating a post.

    Earlier you were talking about Pages.

    But maybe I misunderstood what you want.
    So Do you want http://www.equalityforall.com/CM to go to http://www.equalityforall.com/cm – or the other way around?
    What I suggested was that http://www.equalityforall.com/cm would go to the existing folder > http://www.equalityforall.com/CM.

    Well I meant Pages as in WP Pages (not Posts). When I converted the client site they have these static folders ‘CM’, ‘Lword’ and ‘FR’ sub-folders that contained single index.php files in each.

    I of course wanted to use as much WP functionality as I can. So I enabled permalinks. So that instead of the links showing as http://www.some_domain.com/?p=123 or whatever I wanted ‘pretty’ URLs like http://www.some_domain.com/lword.

    The issues is the uppercase URL versions of ‘CM’, ‘Lword’ and ‘FR’ are out there in the search engine cache and also on job posting site (The CM and FR folders are for jobs). The client insisted they still work.

    As I mentioned I setup a redirect in Apache to handle this. I could solve the issue for the other two URLS in the same manor.

    But I was thinking, what if the client creates new pages (lowercase page slugs) but some web surfer enters uppercase for the URL. The page is not reached. They must be lowercase. This is where my interest in a mod_rewrite rules stems.

    I’m guessing there is also a way to have Apache ignore case via some httpd.conf setting.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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