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  • I wasnt sure where best to post this but thought I would start w/ the WordPress Community.

    Does anyone know a plugin or app that would help me achieve the following: I want to allow a user to enter a paid contest and send in their information and a file. Ex. User fills out a form w/ their contact info, chooses an image or file to upload, then makes a payment via paypal. Upon completion of paypal payment the contact info and file is mailed or stored somewhere.

    I know it sounds like a tall order but I can’t figure out where to start – if there are 2 plugins I can combine or if something existing is out there.

    Thanks for any help!

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  • Yea .. I’m interested in this also.

    I was thinking about doing a TDO mini forms page that would upload the file and then add the post to drafts .. Then have a button after upload that says proceed to payment that would proceed to paypal.

    2-stepin’ it I guess … I’m interested in supporting dev on something like this because I think it would really come in handy… I don’t have the time and I’ve got a client launching a site with this kind of feature today. I’d do it, but I gots no time… This would be nice in the future and have hundreds of eCom applications..

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