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  • I have hosting through Hostgator and manage many different wordpress installations for different clients via reseller account. I have one site in particular ( that keeps having issues with resources being overloaded and my hosting provider has yet to be able to suggest what the problem is (the way the site was built or not having a high enough plan to cover the amount of traffic). The website has been getting on average 2500 unique viewers daily with 3-5 page views each roughly. Being that I am not a coder, just a designer, I am trying to figure out if there is something wrong with the plugin/theme/whatever configuration? Or, if its just that I don’t have the right hosting plan to keep a website with that much traffic running smoothly.

    Is there someone out there who can look at code (or I can give login info or whatever) to try & diagnose what the issue is? Up until this site I’ve never had a single issue with building wordpress sites for my clients and I host a bunch currently that run fine they just don’t get a fraction of the amount of traffic this one does.

    My background: I’ve been using wordpress & tweaking php & html code for a couple years. Most of my skill lies in the field of design/graphics/photoshop for the last almost 15 years. I consider myself to know enough to be dangerous when it comes to coding & definitely couldn’t write something on my own.

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    That page is extremely heavy with images and has other issues. See

    Yeah I think I was shown that page before but I have no idea how to try & fix it. Any quick fix/plugin suggestions? Or do I need to hire a programmer to fix it. :/

    There’s not really anything “to fix.” However, you really do need to optimize the website. I see that you are distributing some of the photos over a subdomain – which is good. The images are all being served with relatively good speed. There are just a lot of them which slows things down.

    Here are some suggestions:

    –The images are resized in HTML or CSS. If you serve scaled images instead you could save 7.4MiB on the home page. In other words – the images are bigger than they need to be.
    –Ask if your hosting provider can enable Gzip compression in the web server configuration, if it isn’t already.
    –If you’re on a VPS consider the nginx web server.
    –Try combining some CSS / JS (that may cause appearance issues).
    –Try using Cloudflare (

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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