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  • lifthere


    I recently moved to a new server. I took the files from one to the other. Upgraded the wordpress on the new server. Then did and export and import from the old site to the new site to make sure I got the latest post.

    The problem is when I go to write a new post, and click on the custom tag drop down. I get like 100 pre-populated custom fields that appear to be pulling from my other posts. If I exist the writing tab, and check the draft the extra fields are gone.

    this is a problem… it may be a a bug. I am running on PHP 5 on media temple server.

    Please help.

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  • Dgold


    The normal behavior under WP Admin > Write Post > Advanced Settings > Custom Fields…. is a dropdown list of “key” that shows all the keys you have ever used before (Example: Favorite Book, My Mood Today, The Weather, etc.). Next to this is a “value” field that you can type in (How To Do CSS, Happy Mood, It’s raining, etc).

    For each Key that is set for that post you’re editing, IF there is a Key/Value then it will have it’s own line. If all the keys have empty value, then you only see the dropdown, not a bunch of lines.

    I wasn’t clear. Are you seeing 100 pre-populated Key/Value combos listed there? (That would be buggy, and I wouldn’t think they would go away when you return to the edit post later.) Or you just see the 1 dropdown with all keys? (That would be normal).



    It shows all the key and values from other posts. As if I had entered 100 custom fields for that post. I just ran a test… I reduced the custom field section, posted, and then clicked edit. It does not show all the custom fields in the edit view.

    Very very strange. Messed up part is that on the Write tab, you can see the browser struggling to get all those custom fields.



    Tell more about the upgrading WP. What was the old version, what was the new version updated to?

    I think this issue may have something to do with the new Post Revisions in WP 2.6+. That’s my hunch but unfortunately I don’t know the solution. You could try disabling post revisions (there are 2 plugins that do this, or Gamerz site tells a way to do it in your config file), but I don’t know if this would apply to your problem or not, just something to test.

    I exactly have the same problem. I thought I was alone. I had imported posts from blogger to wordpress. My first version of wordpress was 2.5.2, even after upgrading to 2.7 I continue to face this problem. Need help.


    yap, me too. It disappears after saving stg. as Draft. But quite annoying when hitting New post. Maybe there are more with same experience?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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