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  • sren


    The more I read about permalinks the more confused I am.
    I have the permalinks setting like “/%postname%.html”, with no category base.
    Now I read that a setting like this one may lead to CSS access problems.
    I wonder if there is a commonly accepted way to set up Permalinks. And also if I should include something in the category base form below.
    As I don’t have enough time to learn WP functionality from a to z, I’m looking forward for any tips to start the right way.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • ajcannon


    I’m new here and I may be giving you wrong information, so if I am I hope that someone will point it out to me…but I think you would just need to put “/%postname%” and leave out the .html extension. I don’t believe that you can have (and I know you don’t need) a .html extension on post pages.

    Again, I might be wrong, but I think that will work for you.

    BTW, is there a reason why you would need to use the .html extension?



    Thanks for your reply, ajcannon.
    The “.html” trick is something I’ve been reading somewhere (I don’t really remember where).
    And the question is because I just don’t want lo leave it up to my personal taste.
    The permalink looks good indeed like “/%postname%”, either with or whitout “.html”, but I’m not sure if I’m doing what is commonly accepted by experienced users, since now I know that there could be some drawbacks.
    I hope someone tell me “DO IT LIKE THIS…AND STOP BOTHERING!” LOL.




    It really does come down to a question of taste and what you are hoping to achieve from using permalinks.

    On my own site I use the format:


    But on other sites i’ve worked on or assist maintaining just


    is used.



    if you just use /%postname%/ as your permalink, will your run into a problem if you have two posts with the same name? Anybody know?



    Don’t worry about leaving off the ‘.html’ – that is half the glory of permalinks right there! People would rather NOT think about all that. A site address like ‘’ is something you could actually tell someone at a party and they might remember.

    That said, I like the look of just doing /%postname%/, but it does mean you can’t use the same one ever again.

    Worth thinking about some, and then when you’re done, don’t mess with it – after all, they’re permalinks 😉



    So I guess I can leave it as /%postname%/, or even with the “.html”, and then if I’m concerned about duplicate titles, I can use the blog search engine to find out if I’m writting a duplicate one.
    A little bit extra working, but I can manage to do it anytime I write a suspicious post name.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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