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  • Hi,
    I’m pretty new to wordpress but have played around and now i’m about to really dive in but the first thing i think i need is a theme and i thought it might be worth posting to see if you guys can help. 🙂

    This is a rough idea of what i would like out of it, looks don’t bother me cause i think i can change them myself, but it would be a bonus if it’s kinda sleek.

    Here are somethings i would like to have on the site
    1) Multiple authors with their own page for more info about them
    2) Login to comment using facebook (i don’t know if this is possible)
    3) Featured articles sort of thing on the home page
    4) Navigation, ideally, horizontal, two rows, top row main category, 2nd row sub-cats of that top row
    5) Ability to add advertising one day (not important)
    6) Ability to have an article/post in multiple main categories

    Haha, after all of that i just checked the sports, and really something a bit like would be great. lol.

    I know this is probably a long shot by any help suggestions before i undertake this task would be great, i would love to start this the right way.

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  • Going around and looking at other major news/blog sites any of them would really work for me, saw it looks great too.

    So i’m thinking maybe i just need a good news style theme? Does that sort of thing exist?

    I’m pretty new myself, but perhaps my .02 are worth some.. In any case, if something I’m about to say is nonsense, I’m sure more knowledgeable members will correct me..

    Have you tried searching for – say – ‘wordpress, theme, magazine’.. ? I suspect you would get many results, and no doubt many of them very good. A couple that come to my mind right away; Synch (and perhaps Sight) by WPShower, and perhaps Oxygen by Devpress would be intersting to you.

    As for your list; I think 1&6 are WordPress features, and possible with all themes. 3 is available with many modern themes, or via plugin (Devpress ‘Sliders’ comes to mind) if the theme doesn’t support it out of the box. I don’t have experience with 2&5 so I can’t comment on that.

    All of your points are possible. Your best option to find themes similar to the quite complex designs you linked to would be the news and magazine themes from the commercial / premium theme providers.

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