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  • When I changed from to, I copied my blog, but never liked the new names for the pages with the /?=number format. I am also always finding links to the old blog and trying to update them, and it’s a slog because the page names for the new blog are not obvious.

    So when I was trying to provide a link to one of my blog entries recently, I saw the little “change permalinks” button, and pressed it. It went to a page that seemed to be the answer to all my problems, the ability to change the name of my pages to reflect the name of the post. So I checked that off and it said my permalinks had been changed.

    And then my blog disappeared!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot access my blog even using the name of my blog!
    (My website is – If you google, you’ll get a whole page of stuff that either doesn’t work since I changed the permalinks or links to the old blog, which I eventually want to shift completely over to the new blog at — if I can manage to avoid landmines like this!!)

    If I google topics and names of pages, I get the names of the pages, but they all say access forbidden now. I CANNOT EVEN LOG INTO MY BLOG ANYMORE, I CAN’T EVEN GET A LOGIN PAGE, I AM SENT TO AN ACCESS FORBIDDEN ON THIS SERVER NOTICE!!

    Auuuugghhhh!!!! HOW DO I JUST CHANGE IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS???? I PROMISE I WILL NEVER AGAIN TRY TO MESS WITH THE PERMALINKS FOR MY PAGES!!!! But I can’t even log in!!!!!! It’s like my blog just disappeared! HELP!!!

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