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  • I need help 🙂
    I have multisite installed in a sub-folder using sub-directories and everything was fine. I installed using the domain without the www prefix. We are self hosted. So my main url is
    My multisite is

    We are also changing our network to use Active Directory and no one told me that the domain controller would now be our domain name without the www prefix so guess what? In the buildings that are converted to Active Directory and using the new domain controller, we can’t login to any multisite. The url of the multisite is the same url of the domain controller so it just times out when trying to login. They said I need to change the URLs of the websites to include the www prefix. arghhhhh!
    Anything without the www tries to login to the domain controller.

    I changed it in the wp-config so any new sites should have the www prefix. I hope it doesn’t screw anything up.
    I saw I could go into each site under edit and change the site URL, upload URL and Home URL to include the www.
    It breaks the links and photos in the current sites.

    Do I have to go into each site and try to fix these or is there an easier way? I read in the forums about adding a permanent redirect to the htacces files and/or using the domain mapping plugins.
    This is for a school and I have about 40 sites created. Would either of these options help me with the broken links and photos?

    Is changing the wp-config to keep the www prefix going to cause me problems in the future?

    Desparately Yours and Thank you,

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