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    Hi there, I’m a newbie WP user so please, please bear with me! I have installed the theme “Adroa” on my site ( with a background image applied. I have got pretty much everything working except for one thing: the heading (my name) pretty much disappears against the background image.
    I’ve tried to find the appropriate phrasing in the style.css file as per some of the documentation here but I just cannot find it, and if I could, I wouldn’t know what to replace it with. Could someone please, please tell me how to change the colour of the header text from grey to white?
    Thank you so much!!!!

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  • esmi


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    Try using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this kind of CSS work.

    That color is set here:

    #site-title a {
        color: #C9C9C9;

    Be aware that making modifications to theme files is not recommended as your changes will be lost when the theme is updated. Use custom CSS option or plug-in or a child theme.

    Also, just so you know, these forums generally only support themes from here: so you may need to contact the developer for further help.

    A great tool for CSS work is Firebug, so I’d recommend checking that out.

    Thank you both, I will check out those things. Thanks for the heads up about modifications being lost WPyogi, I had no idea, that could cause a headache here or there since I’ve made a fair few changes to the theme on my other site. :-\ Appreciate the help folks!

    Here is the thing: the Style.css file of this theme looks different to others I’ve seen. Here are the first thirty or so lines – there’s pages and pages like this:

    html,body,div,span,object,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p,blockquote,pre,a,abbr,acronym,address,big,cite,code,del,dfn,em,img,ins,kbd,q,samp,small,strong,sub,sup,tt,var,dl,dt,dd,ol,ul,li,fieldset,form,label,legend,table,caption,tbody,tfoot,thead,tr,th,td,article,aside,canvas,details,figcaption,figure,footer,header,hgroup,menu,nav,section,summary,time,mark,audio,video{margin:0;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;outline:none;font-size:100%;background:transparent;border:none;text-decoration:none}article,aside,details,figcaption,figure,footer,header,hgroup,menu,nav,section{display:block}b,i,hr,u,center,menu,layer,s,strike,font,xmp{margin:0;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;outline:none;font-size:100%;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;background:transparent;border:none;text-decoration:none}body{line-height:25px;font-family:Georgia,Times,"Times New Roman",serif;color:#333;background:#fff}h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6{font-style:normal;font-weight:normal;margin:0 0 25px 0}h1{font-size:1.8em}h2{font-size:1.7em}h3{font-size:1.55em}h4{font-size:1.4em}h5{font-size:1.25em}h6{font-size:1.1em}p{margin:0 0 25px 0}ol,ul{list-style:none}ul{list-style:disc;margin:0 0 25px 2.5em}ol{list-style-type:decimal;margin:0 0 25px 3em}ol ol{list-style:upper-roman}ol ol ol{list-style:lower-roman}ol ol ol ol{list-style:upper-alpha}ol ol ol ol ol{list-style:lower-alpha}ul ul,ol ol,ul ol,ol ul{margin-bottom:0}dl{margin:0 0 25px 5px}dl dt{font-weight:bold;margin:10px 0 0 0}dl dd{margin:5px 0 0 1.5em}strong{font-weight:bold}strong strong{font-weight:normal}em,cite{font-style:italic}em em,cite cite{font-style:normal}abbr{cursor:help}acronym{text-transform:uppercase;border-bottom:1px dashed #666;cursor:help}big{font-size:120%}small,sup,sub{font-size:80%}sup{vertical-align:baseline;position:relative;bottom:0.3em}sub{vertical-align:baseline;position:relative;top:0.3em}address{font-style:italic;margin:0 0 25px 0}li address,dd address{margin:0}blockquote{margin:0 25px;font-style:normal}blockquote em,blockquote cite{font-

    I can’t tell where anything starts or ends, the first section mentions headers and footers, font types and colours but which applies to which I can’t even begin to figure out. :-\ Any hints how to read this?

    Yeah, that’s either minified or poor coding on the theme author’s part. But if you use Firebug, you use the browser window to look at CSS using Firebug’s tools — so it shows up there easy to read. No need to comb though that mess :). Read up on the Firebug site — there’s lots of helpful info there.

    For the change you want — post that code to a custom CSS page (add jetpack if you don’t have one) — don’t make changes to theme files as they will be deleted when the theme is updated.

    Brilliant, thank you!

    WPYogi, I downloaded Jetpack and put the code you supplied in the CSS file – it worked, thank you much!!!

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