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    I get an error message, in a third party theme of mine, the guy has since abandoned the project in favour of other work, I love my theme, so I want to alter it myself, the error message is:

    WordPress database error: Table 'wordpress.wp_categories' doesn't exist]
    SELECT cat_ID, cat_name FROM wp_categories

    can I just change the categories bit of wp_categories to wp_terms to fix my problem??

    I have read the documentation regarding the new TAXONOMY structure, but I am a novice, so it isn’t making much sense 🙁

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 😉

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  • Your theme might not be compatible with WP 2.3. Which means it is using deprecated Template_Tags – anything pre-2.1 is NOT good. Check your template files and use proper template tags.

    I think it may just be the categories bit of the theme, It isn’t a theme I’ve written though, which is why I feel I can play with it until it works properly, so any advice would be greatly appreciated… especially as to if I am on the right track with the table naming idea…

    Do you read or just post???

    The theme was supposed to be updated to be compatible with WordPress 2.3, but the original author neglected to update the piece of code that calls the categories into the theme layout.

    If I can update the theme to do this my problem is solved, I understand the theme may well be WordPress 2.1 compatible after-all, but If I can fix it, what harm can it do??? All I am asking is for some constructive help, in attempting to make a theme (which I didn’t write) wordpress 2.3 compatible.

    I believe it to be a simple problem with a simple solution…

    And I gave you the simple solution above. Read it.

    You will have to forgive me as I am a total novice at this, but you ARE you saying I cannot convert a wordpress 2.1 theme to be compatible to WordPress 2.3? Or are you saying yes I can rip out the rubbish outdated template_tags and replace them with proper template tags (something to do with the TAXONOMY structure)??

    Please bear with me as I am very new to this…

    Did you visit the Codex (documentation) page I linked above?
    Did you notice there are template tags with the note “Deprecated” or “Deprecated in 2.1” ?
    Yes or no?

    Did you deactivate all your plugins and check if the error persists?

    Did you read the “sticky post” on the main page of the forum adressing this specific error?

    Ad, finally, do NOT interpret what I am writing: if I say, go and replace the deprecated tags – do exactly that.

    Thank you for your input Moshu, I have now made the theme WordPress 2.3 compliant. Am i allowed to link to it?? If linking is allowed, you can download an updated version of JSTheme from my site here

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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