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  • Hi,

    If i place a caption in a gallery it is also alternative tekst. But it places the text also under the photo if i click on it. I want to remove the text under the photo but want to keep the alternative text in the source code. Is this a bug in this theme? How can i change this?

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  • hannah


    Do you just want to hide to titles in the lightbox? If so, this css should be what you need:

    .mfp-title {
        display: none;

    Just paste it in your custom css box in Theme Options > Advanced Settings.
    If that’s not what you mean please post a link.


    Thank you, this works!
    Still, this is a mistake in the scripting i think? Cause I need a title in the lightbox to give the photo alt tags. This is the only way I can add alt tags, other ways don’t work. So maybe you should look into that one in the lightbox? At least for me this is a temporary fix

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    So with the gallery the caption takes the place of the alt because the caption is what is set to show in the lightbox. The caption in a gallery is easy to edit because you have the control box right up front when working with a gallery which is why we set it up this way for the lightbox. But I can put this in as a feature request just want to make sure I have it clear you want the alt text and therefor what shows in the ligthbox to be the alt text for the image in the media settings?

    Kadence Themes

    The photo alt tag is what i want to show in the source code. The only way to do that is to add captions to images in the media settings, then the alt tags shows up in the source code (instead of just putting text in alt text, which isn’t working)

    Image Alt tag is to show google what an image is all about. Normally if you put this in media settings under alt text it shows this in the source code as alt text for google. This is now not the case. Example: <img src=”virtue.jpg” alt=”this is virtue theme” />

    Besides the missing alt text the images also missing width and/or height attributes (home page slider). That should also be a cool extra for your future request! Specifying a width and height for all images allows for faster rendering by eliminating the need for unnecessary reflows and repaints.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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