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  • Resolved donnathomas1


    I have installed P3 and tried to run it.

    The first time it started to run, in the background, I saw the window come up saying that the site was hung up. So, I stopped and started again.

    The “bar” didn’t move for 30 min., though the window said it was scanning.

    I stopped it from running and saw that it had scanned 6% of my site.

    Should I let get it started again? Is it usually this slow, i.e. is it working properly?

    By the way, I have a mac if that matters.

    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    Hi Donna,

    It sounds like the automatic scan it stopping because of a javascript error. I would suggest checking the browser console for javascript errors or trying a manual scan:

    Click start scan, then select a manual scan, then browser your site in another browser window (or another browser). When you’re finished, click “I’m done,” and review your scan results.

    Thanks, Kurt, I don’t quite understand. Do you “browser your site in another window” on the site, or in the dashboard?

    Never mind. I figured out how what you mean.

    Do I just click various things? Is that all if have to do?

    When I click the plugin that’s problematic, it keeps getting hung up. What then”

    Sorry to not be the brightest apple on the tree about this!

    Well I did what you said, and it doesn’t look like anymore of my site was scanned.


    If you have any other ideas, please let me know.

    I have an important plugin that’s not working.

    Thank you…

    I tried running your program in Safari instead of Firefox and it worked.

    Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for reporting back. Did P3 help you out?

    Hi Kurt,

    I’m afraid I don’t know if the program ran all the way through.

    Is the pie supposed to cut into a lot of small pieces, or big chunks? As of right now, 75% of it says “Blogging toolbox”, 20% says “Wordbooker”, and 5% says “Other”.

    Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    The pie chart is generated based off of your results. If you have a few plugins, or if the load time is dominated by 1-2 plugins, then it’s only going to have 1-2 big wedges.

    Any plugin responsible for 3% or less of your site’s load time is rolled into “Other.”

    It sounds like you should look at the relative amount of time Blogging Toolbox takes (75%) compared to the total plugin load time (e.g. 1.5s) and figure out how much time could be saved by disabling it (.75 * 1.5s = 1.125s) and see if that amount of time is worth the features the plugin provides. You could also see if there’s another plugin that is faster, or look at the plugin’s documentation to see if there are ways to make it faster by setting certain options or optimizing your site.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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