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Help can't log into admin section…..

  • Who’s a wordpress.org guru? I need help and they really don’t have a help spot?

    My blog won’t let me log into it. The URL just keeps it in a non-edit mode even though I’m using the right URL. I’ve cleaned my cache and reset the browers, tried a different browser too. Not sure what else to do 🙁

    Its giving this URL at the end of wp-admin


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  • The URL of the website please!


    To log in I type this: http://blog.lynettesmithphotography.com/wp-admin/

    It “pop’s to this”


    I’ve cleared the cache, reset the browser, upgraded the browser. Something happened in the “updating” part and its not stuck.

    You can see “Upgrade.php” so I wonder if its stuck? Would LOVE some help!!! 🙂

    Do you have an .htaccess uploaded. If not please do so and if the .htaccess is already there please ensure it follows the rules described at

    Okay – HOW can I upload something – IF I cannot get into the admin part of the site?

    Okay – HOW can I upload something – IF I cannot get into the admin part of the site?

    By using your ftp client or the file manager in your hosts control panel.

    You can try this, and see if it works, but it may not let you back in. http://blog.lynettesmithphotography.com/wp-login.php

    Did you recently attempt to perform a WordPress update from your dashboard? I’m curious to know if this might be another case in what seems to be a recurring pattern ( in my observation, at least ) with sites hosted by Godaddy..

    Yes, I did try and update wordpress from my dashboard. I’m figuring there’s a back way in to fix this I just don’t know how 🙂 I’m fairly tech savvy once I get going just don’t know where to start.

    Trying now will let you know if that works. THANK YOU 🙂 Yup I’m hosted with GoDaddy. Had issues with BlueDomain. Perhaps I should swap the hosting out though anyways?

    Didn’t work – just takes me to the main site page. It let’s me “log in” BUT….it won’t take me to the dashboard portion.

    Other ideas?

    I think your solution is probably going to involve completing a Manual Update. On Godaddy, you may have another option. See this discussion. (there are also other searchable discussions on the issue) Contacting Godaddy support for assistance may also be a quick solution.

    Thank you – Appreciate the help Clayton – will call GoDaddy next. Wasn’t sure where to start since I have wordpress.org and a prophotoblog….hosted by godaddy. Lots of cooks in the kitchen.

    Do you have better luck and/or easier with bluedomain vs. godaddy for wordpress blogs? Are there issues with godaddy?

    I think for the most part, they all do a pretty darn good job. You just have to be careful of what plan and what services you purchase. I try not to recommend anyone in particular because everyone has different needs and expectations when it comes to hosting. I have found the best thing you can do is spend a lot of time researching what other people are saying, and then make an informed decision based on what you find. It can be a huge plus to choose a service that actively supports the WordPress platform. It would be unfair of me to comment on Godaddy – other than just the observable, documented issues and discussions – because they don’t actually provide any of my services.

    Does GoDaddy support actively the wordpress platform? That would be helpful 🙂

    Thank you – so manual update would be with go daddy on that end of things?

    I’ve also been trying to backup my site and notice that bluehost seems easier for that? Haven’t figured out yet entirely how to backup the blog on go daddy.

    Hmmm I might have to switch to blue host. You get a 100.00 google credit love that. Also saw them on wordpress so assuming they’re actively working with wordpress as well.

    Question – “IF” I switch hosting should I fix the issues first with my blog through go daddy and then move it?

    You should probably go ahead and fix your site. It seems as if it could just be related to an incomplete or interrupted update issue. Godaddy should be able to help you fix that. These might also be helpful with some of your questions.

    WordPress Backups

    Updating WordPress

    Thank you SO much for your help I really appreciate it!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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