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  • I do simpel web maintenance for our company and use Dreamweaver. In December I started a blog with WordPress with the assistance of our domain manager. Once the bog was installed I placed a link on our home page to direct viewers to our blog. It worked great, then just a few days ago, the link now won’t direct to the blog and I can’t figure out why. I thought the link just needed to be directed to the folder that has our blog in it, which is what I’ve done, but I have no clue why this isn’t working now. Ideas?

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  • Will you please post a URL for your home page, and point out where this link is if it is not obvious?

    Thanks. Home page is
    The blog link is in the middle.

    in WordPress set cursor on the link, modify-> change link, change /blog to /blog/index.php let’s see what that does. Have you updated WordPress lately?

    It seems that there is no blog in /blog. Can you log in to your WordPress admin panel?

    Added the index/php, no change. In WordPress, I’m having difficulty logging in even, since usually I just go through our blog. I’m just going through and my usual info isn’t working.

    Okay, got in through,

    Now just trying to follow your instructions.

    Version is 3.8.1
    I was advised not to update WordPress since that would require a plan upgrade by my host provider, which I’m not sure the owner wants to do right now.

    Why on earth would upgrading WordPress require a plan upgrade? Something doesn’t sound right there, and you, or your client, or whoever, may want to get a new host.

    So, if I try to “save changes” in the admin panel (I was in settings, checking the URL), I get redirected to a lame version of our home page, which is the same thing that happens when you click on the blog link on our home page. Some weird redirecting thing.

    Sorry, the version is not 3.8.1, that’s just what it says at the top that I should update to. I’m not sure what version it is, I can’t navigate around. Keep getting redirected to the home page.

    Let’s try this, in your sidebar click settings, then select general. Where it says WordPress address (URL) this should be the URL where you have the blog, in your case Then the next one, site address (URL) should have the address of your home page Is that what you have?

    You should not need your hosts tech support to update your blog. Click the update link in the alert you mention and select automatic update. It will do the update for you.

    Thanks. Unfortunately I’m not able to log into WordPress, again. Tried the same URL as yesterday, and it’s just redirecting to our home page again. I don’t know why.
    Other than that, yesterday I did see the WordPress address (URL) in settings and it was correct, as you mentioned, and the next line was correct too.
    So, if/when I can get logged in again, I’ll try to update WordPress, as you suggest.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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